NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | URGENT UPDATE:The OITC And Neil Keenan’s Legal Battle Takes A Turn For The Better! | Neil Keenan – Group K, Ltd.

Ray Dam, Kathy M., and Neil Keenan have reached an agreement as to what, why, where, when, and how David Sale, an OITC employee, used Neil Keenan’s (SKR Holder) safekeeping receipt of the Dragon Family’s notes and twisted Daniel Dal Bosco’s simple little brain into believing the OITC were the actual owners themselves rather than holders.

Thereafter, one lie always led to another with Sale and David Crayfish (Crayford).

The paths are now clear, and the road is smooth on our way Home. The debris has been moved, as it appears to be so with the information we just received from the ‘Peacemaker’ Kathy.

There is nothing more needed for further exposure of David Sale, Crayfish, and others, including Dimce Giorgif, Rumor Mill News, and any others supporting them. Perphaps there might be an issue here in terms of the obstruction of justice.

The House of Cards is starting to tumble… There is NO way out! You’ve boxed yourselves in!

Neil Keenan


‘The Peacemaker’ Steps in and Straightens Things Out

“Sale and Crayfish (OITC) attempted to steal and sell the notes held by Neil Keenan (not Ray Dam).

I know, I was there and, and I am Ray’s Confidante…

Mr. Crayfish (AKA Crayford), I’ve sat quietly for some time now watching your lying and bullshit being slung about repeatedly in public.

Neil Keenan is right that you and David Sale AKA David Righter (Candace from Abundant Hope does not know anything and, unfortunately falls for everything) have been relentless in your pursuit to take control of the Collateral Accounts.

Okay, let’s begin with you Crayfish; yes, we call you Crayfish now, because you earned that title from stooping so low over such a long period of time. You never proved anything, but you continually make false statements.

Well, I have spoken with Ray Dam, and we’ve decided to tear you apart piece by piece (David Sale does not get a reprieve either).

Firstly, we would love for you to show us any legal document stating / validating your very cheap words that Ray is no longer the Collateral Controller.

Secondly, we would like you or your side to validate that you or your sidekick has any authority recognized by any World Power.

You have made blatantly false statements that Ray is no longer alive. Can you produce any documentation supporting such nonsense… any whatsoever?

I can assure you that Ray is alive, well, and of sound mind and body. He is also and shall remain the Controller of the Collateral Accounts.

These powers were put in place by formal treaties. Of course, since you and your sidekick David Sale attempted your best to assassinate Ray, every single OITC account has been changed. No codes are written; they are encrypted in Ray’s head.

Therefore, if anyone now kills the Golden Goose, they immediately destroy any plans for acquiring any accounts whatsoever! Nothing can be done to change this.

Whereas at one time I fought hard against Neil Keenan, I have since learned how to love this Fighting Irishman. He has more brass in his little finger than any of you do in your entire bodies. Being a lady, I will not complete the rest of the sentence after Brass B___s. But you either get it, or you never had it.

Our fighting goes back to the very beginning when I even fought for the two of you who crapped your pants at the name Neil Keenan. Now, although Neil and I still sometimes do not see eye to eye, we do see heart to heart and respect and love each other.

Our Irish heritage and our dear friend (Dr. Michael Vandemeer) brought us together. So now after listening to you bluster that you are M1, the fact is that you could not and never would be appointed to any such position, seeing you do not qualify in any sense of the word!

However, Neil on the other hand, not only qualifies, but he is supported by the one whom you claim supports you, Ray C. Dam, as well as myself. More importantly, we’ve decided to work side by side with Neil to release the Accounts to really do some good in this world. As we support Neil in his efforts, together we will attempt to get crucial aid to this dying planet.

You see, Neil does not interfere with Ray at all with his M1 position (soon to be finalized upon his signing of the documentation). Ray is not objecting to it, but has agreed to work together; they are in two significantly different positions.

Therefore, Ray would like to know how you could ever say that the Dragon Family and Neil stole the notes from the OITC… which did NOT involve either David Sale or yourself. David Sale worked for Ray C. Dam as you did, but you appointed yourself the right to con Neil’s banker Daniel Dal Bosco, into turning over the notes to yourselves (especially David Sale AKA David Righter) only to get computer copies.

When Ray learned of this, he demanded that you send the notes over to him immediately, because they were real (The Dragon Family are the depositors; OITC are holders).

You could not send them to Ray, as you only had computer copies, but your trifling with OITC business brought Ray directly into Neil’s cross-hairs and the eventual lawsuit which has led the Globalists’ world into chaos.

You brought this down upon the world by stealing Neil’s bonds. You also attempted to steal Ray’s accounts once he was imprisoned by Neil Keenan’s fire and drive. Then, too, you falsified documents (Sale’s expertise) and sent them to the Phnom Penh Post and the Cambodian police, claiming they belonged to Ray all the while knowing they were fake.

Of course, they were fake because you made them up (David Sale is the expert counterfeiter).

The odd one out here, but not to be outdone, is Keith Scott who was advising Neil Keenan regarding the Collateral Accounts by assisting Neil in the now world famous Financial Tyranny Lawsuit.

Scott added fuel to this fire after Neil learned that Ray was going to be assassinated. Scott told Neil that David Sale had made contact with Ray at the Prison Hospital in Phnom Penh.

In fact, it was Scott himself who contacted Ray, as he lay dying on the first floor of the hospital (which is where the assassinations take place) and told him that Ray would die in excruciating pain if he did not turn over the OITC accounts that Ray held to Scott himself. Scott had no idea that Ray would live through the night.

Not once did Scott tell Neil Keenan the truth of this matter; yet there is no question culpability fell under the umbrella of the OITC, because Sale, Crayfish and Scott actually were employed by the Organization.

As for proving my authority, I claim nothing other than who I am and what I am, so there is no need to prove it, but Michael Dunn knows this as well and once said, “Crayfish, substantiate your claims!”

OITC supports Neil Keenan, so if any future lawsuits are filed, the two of you, Dal Bosco and all others are going down. I’m a strong believer in action, not words!

Ray does not hold Neil accountable, but he surely does Scott and Sale. That speaks VOLUMES!

Crayfish, one further note, do not hide behind David Righter (Sale), because the Feds are watching your actions. Let me tell you why DC is watching a nobody like you. It’s the fraud you have been perpetuating throughout the world, or at least the 20 or 30 people that listen to you, in your assertion that Ray C. Dam is dead.

You have already been proven wrong, but now Ray wants to personally come after both of you as well.

You claim he was kidnapped and poisoned… when in fact, he was imprisoned by an Official Act of the Cambodian Government. Because of Sale’s fraudulent documentation at that time, Ray was unable to sign any papers or mandates. In addition, you falsely claimed that Ray signed mandates over to David Sale and yourself. IMPOSSIBLE! Neither of you visited Ray… ever!

Well, just for your knowledge, Ray C. Dam never trusted David Sale or Keith Scott, and he protected himself from the very beginning! Why your name is not mentioned again (above) is because Ray never considered you as part of anything important that he did.

Returning to the matter, Ray Dam was always many steps ahead of the two of you, and in December, 2010, he appointed me as Mandate over the OITC Accounts long before he was arrested, and your phony counterfeiting was involved.

In actuality, the authority to which Ray appointed me holds legal precedent, considering it took place before the jailing and, too, mostly because my appointment was not only signed by Ray C. Dam, but also by Washington, D.C.

So, Crayfish get back to where you belong, or we will forward Neil Keenan everything he needs to put you all away and then see if you can handle that.

I’d immediately turn everything over now to Neil Keenan, but he just told me you do not deserve to have your name mentioned any more than absolutely necessary (such as here), given that you are as Ray says, “a nobody”.

If and when Neil says, “Go!”, we will give him all that he needs. Remember, we do have your address as well, and Neil would love to know that.

You started this horrible mess for Neil and everyone else. 

Kathy M. / ‘The Peacemaker’”


Copyright © 2016, Kathy M. & GROUP K, Ltd.

Source: NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | URGENT UPDATE:The OITC And Neil Keenan’s Legal Battle Takes A Turn For The Better! | Neil Keenan – Group K, Ltd.

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