Stillness in the Storm : FBI Documents Prove Government Knew About Peaceful ETs That are “Etheric” in Nature, Have Radiant (Free) Energy, and Knew of Esoteric Science in 1947–And Covered it Up

Thursday, July 7, 2016

The government’s official policy of denial of the existence of extraterrestrials and advanced technology is a well-established fact in Ufology circles. Yet finding evidence to prove that clandestine forces knew of and exploited non-terrestrial assets is difficult.

But recently released declassified documents from 1947 undeniably prove that the government knew of advanced beings interacting with surface humanity. Whether or not the beings encountered were actually extraterrestrial in origin is unclear.

The FBI officially denies that anything in the document is genuine or real but clearly there is something to this report, else it wouldn’t have been considered a national security issue and classified as a government secret. One cannot deny something as real and then make efforts to hide it from the public without invalidating the former claim.

So on this issue, we know without a shadow of a doubt that groups within the government were at the very least aware of non-terrestrials and ultra advanced technology.

Prior to the testimony of several newer whistleblowers, such as Corey Goode and William Tompkins, these documents would have been interpreted to indicate extraterrestrial involvement. But according to Goode, and confirmed by others, modern and ancient human breakaway civilizations have appeared to the people of Earth claiming to be extraterrestrials.

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Perhaps these FBI documents are discussing contact with these breakaway groups. Regardless of who or what made contact with humanity during this time, what remains clear is that the government knew of and covered up knowledge of not only non-terrestrial contact, but free energy, aether science, and esoteric knowledge—all things the government denies knowledge of and makes every effort to discredit in the public arena.

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Page 22, in particular, is quite striking, as the report says the information was procured via “supernatural means” and as a result, the writer expects little in the way of genuine investigation. The writer is apparently an academic who is associated with several prominent universities suggesting that the investigation which produced the report was taken very seriously at the time.

Screenshot of Page 22 of declassified FBI documents.

As a historical footnote, prior to the development of official cover-ups in the 1950’s, the UFO issue was taken seriously by researchers and investigators. Project Blue Book’s completion in 1969 marked a definitive end of all serious investigation and the establishment of official government secrecy and public ridicule of any earnest research into UFOs and alleged ET contacts.

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The introductory statement of this document (on page 22), reveals that the government knew of not only advanced extraterrestrials but also hidden aether sciences developed by Tesla. The phrase “radiant energy” is mentioned in the report in reference to the power systems used by “flying saucers.” In addition, a reference to “esoteric matters” suggests that the government had programs in development that advanced what could be called spiritual sciences or metaphysical research.

“The region they come from is NOT the astral plane but corresponds to the Lakas or Talas. Students of esoteric matters will understand these terms.”

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Screenshot of Page 22 of declassified FBI documents.

The terms Lokas and Talas are used more recently by the Theosophy Society, which is an organization studying and advancing the occult or hidden knowledge. These references in the documents suggest that the FBI and presumably the government at large has an association with occultism, most likely the darker variety.

And no doubt there are other connections and inferences to be gleaned in these declassified documents. But what is abundantly clear is that the official government secrecy and cover-up, which includes discrediting those who genuinely research these issues, is a fraud.

Eventually, the people of Earth, by their own desires to investigate and think for themselves, will sweep away deception and lay claim to the greater truth.

– Justin

SourceAncient Code

by Ancient Code

The Document declassified by the FBI states: “…Part of the disks carry crews, others are under remote control, and the bodies of the visitors, and the craft also, automatically materialize on entering the vibratory rate of our dense matter…”

The crafts possess a type of radiant energy or a ray, which will easily disintegrate any attacking ship. They reenter the etheric at will, and so simply disappear from our vision, without trace.

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Numerous government around the world are slowly coping with the idea that the worldwide population has a right to know whether or not we are alone in the universe. In fact, the disclosure movement has never been as strong as it is today with countless Military officers, government officials, and astronauts speaking out about the existence of alien life and Alien spacecraft.

Among all of the governments on the planet, it is believed that the United States have a lot of disclosure to do. Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton has stated that if she is elected President of the United States, she would disclose all alien related documents and get to the bottom of the UFO phenomenon.

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Jon Podesta, who was President Barack Obama’s right man, and Chief of Staff under the Clinton administration tweeted not long ago that one of his biggest regrets of 2014 was his failure to “secure the disclosure of UFO files” and that “the time to pull the curtain back on this subject is long overdue. We have statements from the most credible sources, those in a position to know – about a fascinating phenomenon, the nature of which is yet to be determined.”

But despite serious attempts of disclosure, the government of the United States still maintains that they do not have knowledge of any information related to the Alien/UFO phenomenon.

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However, many maintain that the reason why disclosure hasn’t happened yet isn’t because of the government. It’s very likely that such a subject might even go far beyond, extending into powerful corporations and a tight group of international elites.

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Many governments around the globe have declassified a number of UFO-related documents which only proves that they have been extremely interested in the UFO phenomenon for years. However, not only have governments released classified information, agencies such as the FBI, NSA and CIA have also declassified some of their most secretive files on UFO’s and Alien life in the universe.

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Getting to the bottom of the declassified FBI document, the original one can be found by visiting this link which will take you to the FBI’s vault of declassified documents.

The declassified document was addressed to “certain scientists of distinction,” to“aeronautical and military authorities,” and to “a number of public officials.”

The declassified document is a letter sent to the director of FBI in Washington from their San Francisco office, detailing UFO’s and extraterrestrial.

“Lt. Colonel _X_X_ of G2, San Francisco advised today he has no further information, and that our Seattle office is in possession of all information known by him and is handling the matter at Tacoma, Washington.” (Source)

The letter (pages 21 & 22) outlines the following:

  • Part of the disks carry crews; others are under remote control.
  • Their mission is peaceful; the visitors contemplate settling on this planet.
  • These visitors are human-like but much larger in size.
  • They are not excarnate Earth people but come from their own world
  • The disks posses some type of radiant energy.
  • They do not come from any “planet” as we use the word, but from an etheric planet which interpenetrates with our own and is not perceptible to us.
  • The bodies of the visitors, and the craft also, automatically materialize on entering the vibratory rate of our dense matter.
  • They re-enter the etheric at will, and so simply disappear from our vision, without a trace.
  • The region they come from is NOT the astral plane but corresponds to the Lokas or Talas. Students of esoteric matters will understand these terms.

However, this is just one of the many files that have been released to the public which describe with great detail the visitations.

Many things remain a mystery. While the above-mentioned documents give fascinating details about the visitations, it still leaves us with a umber of questions like: Is it possible that three are several races of aliens out there? Are they Physical or extra dimensional?

“Yes there have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered. We are not alone in the universe; they have been coming here for a long time.” (source) (source) – Apollo 14 Astronaut, Air Force Captain and Founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dr. Edgar Mitchell.


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