Hillary Releases Fake Tax Returns? – Dr William Mount

Friday, August 12, 2016



Today Hillary Clinton released FAKE Tax returns????

After Obama freezes Trumps with an IRS Audit???

FASCIST Politics at their finest

You be the judge about the Clinton Tax Returns

Former President Clinton receives a Pension of $191,300 per year in a  Pension – although it may be higher due to recent raises

Former Senator Clinton receives around $37,994  in a Pension

.017 x 12 years x $186,000 as her highest salary would be $37,994

They are also eligible to receive Social Security – although they may wait until the age of 70 to do this.


If they are both not receiving Social Security

And If Hillary has denied her Pension Salary – which cannot be legally be done

Then they are telling the truth on these tax returns

But what sane individual would try and deny a Pension of almost $38,000 per year when Hillary Claims To Be Dead Broke???

Either she lied then or she is lying now, right???

A Liar is a Liar

So either she is either so rich she does not care about money or she is absolutely and totally insane –


Anyone who would demand a Full Scale Nuclear War over and over and over and over again has to be 3 Bricks Shy of a Full Load.

So these tax returns are perhaps just another lie from Hillary and Billary ??????

You decide…

So we  pray that they turn back to GOD and stop lying and that their handlers stop the murders immediately

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Polls still indicate Trump ahead by 60 points and the Traitor John McCain down by 25 points

Hillary Clinton says she and Bill were ‘dead broke’ | PolitiFact

Hillary Clinton Releases Tax Returns In Effort To Pressure Donald Trump : NPR

The returns: No SS Security and No Hillary Pension:

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Hillary Releases Fake Tax Returns?


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