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This topic has gained a lot of attention on Reddit over the past few years, with many people weighing in on their various memories of how things were and even going so far as to provide proof of these anomalies wherever possible.

Examples of The Mandela Effect

The following are just a few of many examples of the Mandela Effect and are listed with the commonly remembered version of history first, then the correct  (at least in this time… and space) answer second:

  • Berenstein Bears / Berenstain Bears – Popular children’s book series and television show.
  • “Mirror, mirror on the wall…” / “Magic mirror on the wall…” – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • “My Mama always said, life is like a box of chocolates.” / “My Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates.” – Forrest Gump
  • Sex In The City / Sex And The City – HBO television Show
  • There are 51 United States / There are actually only 50 States
  • The location of New Zealand and Sri Lanka being located on different places on the map
  • Fruit Loops / Froot Loops – Children’s cereal

Editor Note: I have my own to add to the list and wonder if anyone else remembers the same? I could swear that Jim Nabors came out as gay sometime in the mid-to-late-90s. I remember the media making a big deal about it, and remember where I was working at the time. In fact, I remember co-workers joking that no one was surprised. In the current timeline this didn’t happen until 2013. Does anyone else have this memory?

PS I definitely remember it spelled as “Bernstein“.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 3.38.22 PM

Possible Explanations For The Mandela Effect

There are a few different explanations that attempt to prove this theory that literally involves the memories of thousands of people. Some say it is a theory of parallel universes, which could explain why so many people have vivid memories of the same thing but others do not. Another possible explanation is that somewhere, someone has been able to go back in time and alter the past, with some believing that perhaps there were bigger, more important reasons for going back in time, and the little anomalies that we see today are a byproduct of something bigger that was happening. Others have posited that someone, somewhere travelled back in time in order to change things ever so slightly, but enough to inadvertently change the death of Mandela and the spelling of the Berenstain Bears, which created a ripple effect causing a percentage of the population to remember these events differently.

In an interview with Vice, expert in false memories Dr. Henry L. Roediger offered his opinion on the subject, saying that people likely just remember the Berenstein Bears with the “ein” instead of “ain” because that is a much more common spelling, similar to Einstein, Frankenstein, and Goldstein. He says children could have easily mixed this up. My question to that is, how many children actually know how most last names are spelled? I remember reading these books as I was just learning to read.

Are They Really Alternate Timelines Or Just False Memories?

Well, that is up to you to decide. It depends on what’s more plausible to you. When I first started learning about this theory, I must say I was quite blown away by the examples that I was hearing, specifically the Berenst(a)ein Bears reference and the classic line from Star Wars, “Luke, I am your Father.” But in all honesty, what sounds more likely to you? That time travel has occurred, that the Earth is in fact split into two separate dimensions, or that a large group of the population just remembers some facts about certain pop culture things from the past differently?

I leave it up to you to decide!

Do you have examples of anything from the past that you remember differently from how it is portrayed now? Please share in the comments section below!

Much Love

Source: The Mandala Effect & the Berets(ae)in Bears Conspiracy » The Event Chronicle

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