Jim Willie Says Media Blackout! War In Progress!! | BeforeItsNews

Friday, August 26, 2016 16:12

jim willieA much more calm Dr. Jim Willie talks to Rick Wiles at TruNews about what he sees coming in the next couple of months. It is not easy to listen to, because he is so direct and so knowledgeable and very frightening. Anyone that is not interested in the economy or how the world elite use the Central banks to pursue their agenda through constant war, will not like this video.

I have followed Dr. Willie for many years and he is one of the few people that I am almost 100% in sync with. His knowledge extends well beyond his studies of economics and statistical analysis. He clearly knows the things that go on in the shadows and usually is not shy about addressing almost any topic. In this interview with Rick he stays on point, which I personally don’t care for, because I like to dive into the deep conspiracies that are taking place now and in the past. I thought this would be a good primer for people that don’t know Dr. Willie well and perhaps can motivate them to pursue more of his thinking. His website is http://www.goldenjackass.com. Pretty clear from the name of the site that when he does interviews he usually leaves nothing untouched. He is a straight shooter and funny as hell most of the time. I think because TruNews is a religious channel with a huge following, Dr. Willie toned it down a lot. Still the video touches on some of the most important and urgent issues that the world is dealing with. Many of my past videos go much deeper into the issues that Dr. Willie discusses. Look at some of my past videos or go to his site directly.


Source: Jim Willie Says Media Blackout! War In Progress!! | Alternative


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