Agarthan Alliance: Random Thoughts on Loosh as Debt



Surely FOX TV will make a show “Billion dollar listings MW” (MiIky Way) 😛

Honestly can’t see why such entities would value the fake currency except for watching their minions squirm ? Manipulating the gullible?

Their version of Monopoly..


I agree. Debt must be related to loosh. Many people are in debt to the banks… so it’s their dreams for holidays, healing and improving their lives tied up with debt. Our hopes and dreams are literally trapped in those grey buildings.

To my remote viewing eyes, debt look like a black, Mordorish tree choking the planet. Keeping an economy drained also ensures an abundant supply of thugs and dancers. Empires are built with armies and concubines.

Before anyone shakes their fist at the sky, we voluntarily spend 2-3 billion per day on ciggies and booze. This is the black magic clause that means we’ve chose our own slavery. I guess we’ll have to suck it up (for now).

Source: Agarthan Alliance: Random Thoughts on Loosh as Debt


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