Preston James VT 10-8-16… “America’s Alien Invasion”

Kauilapele's Blog

veterans_today_preston_james_banner_82Quite the major alien update by Preston. Although much of this appears “dark”, I view it as a “positive exposure” (aka “further exposure”) of the KM-Alien-Draco-type agenda. And as I see it, the KM-etc. groups are falling like the guavas are in my yard over here (although I’m sure they are not nearly as tasty!).

“This article is about an ongoing beyond-black unacknowledged, special access program to breed Alien ET Hybrids and insert them into top American positions of government, foundations, think-tanks and corporations. Every effort has been made to accurately portray this subject.

“And it’s typically old guys in the autumn of their life who leak these things, folks that have developed disdain for all the excess secrecy about issues they believe the public has a right to know about, and disdain for all the ways back-engineered Alien ET technology is abused to control the masses and enrichen and…

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