The Energy Around Us – The Veil has Holes

15 December 2016 by Brian Hyland 

20161204_105237.jpgI have noticed that more often lately I seem to move into a bubble of reality that seems to be brighter and more vibrant and I feel more connected and happy.  This is often accompanied by good memories of the past bubbling up that you thought that you had forgotten. I always have a powerful feeling of wellbeing and connection while in these bubbles or holes in The Veil. I feel really connected to the memories that are coming up, like I can’t believe that I have forgotten them. It is like a block is removed and the memories come flooding back.

I had another one today while I was driving.  A pair of colourful parrots flew in front of me. There was a moment when the two flew together in front of my car.  Just as they got directly in front of me, they flashed their colourful wings at me. The world seemed to just stop for a second.  When I look back on the memory, there seems to have been a flash of golden light present with the flash of the wings and a feeling as if something good just happened. Joy even!:-)

I take this to be confirmation that The Veil is at least thinning and has holes in it. Alexandra Meadors (love her dearly) reports that the Veil is down now. I can feel that it is different now and that it feels like shards of me that were missing have reintegrated. I feel bigger.

My thought is that if The Veil is down, then what is still operating is probably just the local habits in the firmware of our mind. This we can change, the same way you change anything, by observing it.

For those of you unfamiliar, “The Veil” is an electromagnetic/plasma soup that surrounds the Earth to a height of 8.6 miles. The Veil acts as a frequency fence that blocks us from certain frequencies.  It is designed to block us from accessing our full self and our 4th Dimensional abilities. It is what blocks us from our subconscious. Its function is to enforce separation between us all – It is The 3D LIE…

The 3rd dimensional lie is that “I am my body, “I am alone”, “I can be hurt”. This is a lie because we are realy an immortal soul with many bodies. Our body can be damaged but we cannot. For my ‘I am’ is a soul not a body. My ‘I am’ has had many bodies. “Hundreds and hundreds”, is what I was told by a pretty lady with large eyes;-)

I believe that The Veil works on us in a more personal level too. I believe that it functions and hides as the ego, self-sabotage or more accurately ego-sabotage, and is responsible for all of the negative thoughts and negative emotions that turn into negative actions, Trauma, Karma, Feeding!

How it works in me is that my first thought is the intuition, the higher guidance, then the foreign installation reacts and tries to negate the first thought.

It is a foreign installation of our collective mind. It is NOT US! We are being entrained by this foreign installation into moving into a negative energy space of emotions and actions, and then to be feed upon.

My latest defence against this is to go vegan. If you don’t eat the animals then they can’t eat you. This is my new strategy. I feel my energy levels take a bump with every meal that I go vegan. Go Plants!:-)

Contact with others often seems to occur as a ‘we are separate’… It seems to me that if you reverse that, then contact should be able to occur as an ‘I am one’. To further this exploration I have taken to practicing recognising and connecting with myself when faced with another body.

This gives me great hope as I can feel the suppression from The Veil in my head to be at the lowest level in my living memory.

Coming real soon we will experience a freedom like nothing we have ever experienced before.

For those taking a beating, my ‘I am’ with you 100% as we move towards ASCENSION in 2018… or before.

Find your Joy! Be Your Joy! That is what is needed most now!



Note: The Veil = The Matrix = Foreign Installation






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