Timeline Convergence 25th of July 2016 — Galactic Connection

27th July 2016

Thanks Sim!

The World of Truth

Since 21st of July 2016 , the timelines convergence is started..
What does that mean?

–  We have reached the ending of the last circle, and we began the new one…
–  The beginning of the end to all the obstacles resulting from the old circle
–  The ending of the Major Negative Side Effects for the new timeline
–  The convergence between the timelines of the inner planes..
–  The green light for the final phase (The applying & The Actin phase)..
What is the effect of this Convergence on us?

– Hard cleansing for the old pattern like:  (Anger, Ego, individuality, Negative emotion,

– The beginning of the awakening on the madness world in which we live, which cause
nervous and anger to people..

– For those who have strong awakening, they will start sense an unconditional love
moments, visions, some Bi-Located, little flashing memories,

– A desire to end this game and get out of it..
– Longing to return to the origin world..
–  Physical symptoms that were not there before like electricity light hits in some parts of
the body and conflicts of dreams with reality..

– Strong calling from the higher self and the inner realm for the advanced spiritual

Please note: What we mentioned above already started happening few months ago for the advanced spiritual people,,  but now this will be wider on a large scale..

What do we have to do?

– Expedite to get rid of the negative emotion through using the higher perspective..
– Get rid of the Ego through spreading more love…
– Don’t deal with things logically, because logical thinking will show all the existing
obstacles in your life…

– Use containment method (handling) rather than logic…
– Be align with your heart chakra through meditation…
– committed to patience and wisdom…
Finally; This is the time that you’ve been waiting for a long time ago.. Let this last phase go smooth and pass peacefully…

  • Try not to lose any credit from your spiritual account…
  • Don’t allow your personal image that you played in this incarnation to judge and decide your truth (whom you really are ) ..
  • Seek for the wisdom within you to find your truth…
  • Please don’t ask me  [ How , When ,, I cannot see ,, I don’t feel …etc.. ] because this situation is different from one person to another… in time , how ..etc ..!!
  • this is the final phase …it works on more than one level and more than one perspective..

via Timeline Convergence 25th of July 2016 — Galactic Connection


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