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This is a pretty good article I saw today on from Australia, written on 12/17/2016, this is why you are seeing this now on 12/16! But the good news is learning definite methods you can use to protect yourself from any sort of psychic or spiritual attack.

My personal thought is that as we move closer and closer to our time of mental, spiritual, and physical freedom on our Earth, that attacks of varying negative influence are sure to be played out in earnest by those beings of negative interest.

So…read the article below, learn exactly how and why to use spiritual protection, and…


When opening up to the world of spirit, in meditation or any psychic craft, it is important to know how to protect oneself from negative influence. While some may believe that psychic protection isn’t necessary, it has been my personal experience that it is important. One of my teachers said once “Unless you are always in a state of love, then you need psychic protection.” Particularly if you are sensitive or an empath, then you are already very sensitive and vulnerable to energy.

When one opens oneself up, it can attract unwanted influence. There are plenty of negative entities and thought-forms on the planet in this day and age. If your third eye is open, it is not uncommon to see these entities with one’s peripheral vision, which can be an alarming experience. This article will explore some ways and techniques that will help to protect you psychically.

Calling upon Archangel Michael for protection is a good practice to do several times a day, or especially when meditating or doing any energy work. For those that are clairvoyant (clear seeing) Archangel Michael’s presence is like a ball of white light or white fire. If you see or sense this, then be reassured he has heard your call and is close by to protect you. All of the angels will protect you when asked, but AA Michael is more commonly knows for protection, particularly in the new age movement.

Clearing one’s space or home by smudging with the smoke of white sage or other herbs, is an ancient practice. Fire is a purifying element and, combined with the smoke and life-force of plants’ leaves, will help to clear energies and remove negative entities. Alternatively, burning or vaporizing essential oils is also very good at clearing one’s space and filling the air with pleasant aromas. In this day and age we have a lot of electrical devices in our workplace and homes, where entities can enter through such devices. Clearing the energies in our homes on a regularly basis is therefore very important.

The Importance of Psychic Protection with Step-By-Step Guide

Sheldon Nidle

Selamat Jalwa! The process of clearing this land of its human vermin continues. The minions of this realm remain easy to find and arrest. They truly believe that the Light cannot obstruct their positions of power. Swiftly, they are discovering an awful truth. Their errant ways can no longer be tolerated. The rule of the dark is quickly ending and being replaced by various versions of “GESARA.” When the clearing of this unholy riff-raff is complete, those who hold the funds are to easily let this immense wealth run its course across this globe. You are to receive an abundance that is to forever end the wicked hoarding of the dark and its foolish minions. Never forget how the dark so evilly prevented you from receiving the resources that you urgently need to remake this reality. It is vital that you see this immense wealth as a way to ensure that your dreams come true. It is your confident and successful dreaming that is to allow you to let go of your unfounded fears and continuing belief that you are less than others. You are all a wondrous union of potential that needs to manifest in every way possible.

Be able to see yourself as a most valuable member of this global union and learn of your sovereign right to manifest your dreams. That is how this collective can produce creative solutions for a new reality. You have within you a profound wisdom. Do not think your dreams are unworthy. You are an important part of this collection of surface humanity. Constantly connect to one another and in so doing, realize how this continually flowing set is contributing to the changing of the whole. Adopt a position where you intuitively realize that this never-ending operation is framing your new reality. We are here, as is Heaven, to oversee this process. Feel free to contribute your own wonderfulness to this organic whole. Let the old ways and beliefs go. This is to be a new time, filled with freedom and prosperity. You need to let go of the control issues planted in you so meticulously by the dark. Welcome the playfulness of the Light and discover the magnificence of who you really are. This is just the precursor for this new age of spiritual discovery!

This new age of discovery is really about understanding how the Light creates its realities. You are quickly learning this, and getting a glimpse into its exquisite intricacies. This new life of yours is to be founded upon your dreams and the operation of the Light within. You have long been in denial of how to transform by learning to truly be yourself. Long ago, you were a picture of inner creativity. The limits taught by those around you began at first to hinder you. Later, those limits turned into the walls that now enclose you. This imposed sense of limitation needs to be cracked open and totally abandoned. Instead, you require a new prototype. One that, seeing again your primitive playfulness, lets it take over. You feel, somehow, that this process is inappropriate. You need to end this feeling. Replace it with a need to see just how you can measure where you fit into the whole. This gauge is within you. Spirit gave it to you when you were born. All that is required is to know how to recognize it. This is the task that our mentors intend to explore with you.

Begin, therefore, to explore how it feels to be limitless in your resources. Look inside and, with intent, carefully explore your priorities for each of your dreams and how they fit into a magnificent whole. Use this grand framework to determine how you wish to manifest them. This, of course, is just a start. Look around and discuss all of this with your closest friends and family. We intend to fully expand this with you. Our mentors’ first task is to allow you to let go of fears and any other deep perceptions that can limit you. Our desire is to have you discover how amazing you truly are. This process is needed to empower you to eliminate your old perceptions. Ever bear in mind that you have an immense potential that is to be expanded to whatever you are able to perceive. This potential is a major element that your mentor is to weave and then explore with you. This operation may take some time to fully understand. We therefore intend to show you how this plan can open you to comprehensively fulfill your dreams. In this lies the key to your vast potential!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to emphasize the fact that your realm is changing for the better. Those who doubt this change need only look around and see that the posturing of the dark and its many minions has yielded nothing but distraught hopes for a success that is now truly unattainable. It is essential that those who hold visions similar to our own realize that this new world is indeed at hand! Let us together request first of Heaven and then demand of our governments that a system of governance be implemented for all to see. Heaven set up a timetable with the dark. The time draws near, Dear Ones, when this miracle is to manifest. Therefore be ready to explain, when approached, that the new ways come to rejoice! In this joy we can all leave undisturbed the years of frustration. Let go of all the tragedy that surrounds you. This is a time when your many dreams are to manifest and the old ways are finally to be done with. Let this bell of freedom ring out again and again throughout this realm!

Each of you since childhood has had a series of special wishes that were modified many times as you grew older. Liberate these grand visions. Acknowledge how deeply they can bring you great joy. Heaven sincerely wishes to make all of this happen. The wealth and benefits that make it possible for this to be realized are what all in Heaven intend to accomplish. The exalted Creator of all has been decreeing this for millennia. As we have mentioned before, a divine timetable is in effect. This time has been divinely set. This sacred time is near. We Masters are doing all that is necessary to bring this glorious moment to Gaia. Developments are currently underway to achieve this sacred event. Thus, it is necessary for you to bring forth your light so that this event may unfold now. Thus, it is essential that all be diligent in manifesting the last grand event. Please persevere in this task.

Long ago, the surface of this realm seemed extremely dismal. The Anunnaki were everywhere. Their dark deeds, intensified by the insanity of ritual murders and constant war, were the rule of the day. In the past century and a half, this darkness has begun slowly to lift. Now you are at the very edge of the Age of Light. What at one time seemed impossible is to occur. Now that this growing consciousness has reached a general awareness, some mighty miracles are coming to pass. Continue to work for the Light! Know that the darkness is slipping away. We Masters notice this every day. Become ever more confident of this. The dark is being forced to relinquish its torture of you. Potential wars will not come to fruition. An aura of peace is descending upon this blessed land. A time for wondrous events to suddenly appear is indeed near. Never lose your faith! Remain positive and expect even more miracles to occur!

Today, we have reported yet again what is unfolding around this precious orb! Announcements for many things long wished for are in place! A new time for all is upon us! Be prepared to be a most joyous part of this! Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)




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As human beings we are energetic beings, and while we have little control over others, we are in charge of our own thoughts, emotions and actions. Learning to maintain one’s thoughts and emotional state can take perseverance and practice. The following step-by-step guide is a visualization technique you may like to practice to strengthen your energy and psychic protection.


  1. Visualize yourself being surrounded by an egg shaped bubble of light. Similar to an egg, there is a hard layer of protection on the outer layer of the bubble.
  2. Now imagine this bubble being filled with white light, completely filling your body, chakras and aura with white light. Focus on this process for a few minutes, until you feel surrounded by white light.
  3. If you feel any energies of others or entities hanging around, visualize, like balloons, these energies leaving you and floating away. It may help to visualize these energies as a black or murky colour inside the balloons, as they leave you and float away. Affirm out loud, “Any energy or entity that is not for my highest good, I ask that it leave me on a permanent basis now.”
  4. Then, visualize a violet stream of energy coming down into your crown chakra at the top of your head. Visualize this violet coloured energy completely filling your body and then expanding out into your aura. Focus on this for as long as you feel needed. The violet light helps to transform negative energies into neutral energy.
  5. Lastly, just before you leave this visualization and go on about your day: Similar to an eggshell, visualize this shell sealing your aura, so you will feel protected as you interact with people and places throughout your day.


One challenging experience can be that as you raise your vibration, you also become more sensitive to energy. You may find it challenging to be in crowded places like busy restaurants, or anywhere where there are lots of people. If you know you will be in a busy environment, doing the protection visualization beforehand may help.

It’s important to remember that not everyone is interested in raising their vibration or developing themselves psychically, which may include your family. We all have freewill, but you may have to set some boundaries if their energy is adversely affecting you. Sometimes, as a spiritual person, we can unconsciously take on the energies of others, but at the end of the day you are only responsible for your own energy.

Joining a psychic development group with a good medium can be a great way to learn and develop yourself psychically. This is also a good place to learn about the importance of psychic protection and what steps to take. I hope some of the information shared in this article assists you with your psychic protection and spiritual well-being. I wish you all the best on your spiritual path.

via The Importance of Psychic Protection with Step-By-Step Guide ~ Dec. 16, 2016 — roseramblesdotorg


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