Incredible Galactic Conference March 2017

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Incredible Galactic Conference March 2017

Special Report:

There is an incredible conference coming to Olympia this 10 – 12 March 2017

VIDEO:  Incredible Upcoming Conference In Olympia Wash – YouTube

The Galactic Wisdom Conference

The conference will be held at the Olympia: Land and Yacht Harbor RV Park only minutes away from the I-5 Nisqually Park Exit.

Hotels and restaurants abound in this area.

The conference will be hosted by Ted Mahrs, who himself has a radio program on 1150AM called ”Out Of This World” and has over 150,000 listeners world wide.

He has also just started a TV Program that is on COMCAST.

Last year when Jane and I attended it was wild. Imagine an entire weekend filled with UFO-logy, Spiritual Healing and the like.

If you have any questions about what an Alien is, what is out there, why are we here, and why is this planet is not one “Big Ball of Flames” right now this is the place to start.

Speakers include, although they are subject to change:

1) Billy Woodard – Former Commander of Area 51 and a Retired Colonel, US Army. He is one very nice guy and fun to talk to. He is actually a Hermaphrodite. Please treat hi with respect because he is also a retired US Army Colonel.

2) Scott Lemriel – Author and a fascinating man in his own right and fun to talk to as well.  He is in contact with the Seres. I am told that they are from Dimensions way above anything our military has actually interacted with.

3) Ariana –  A Star Child – Who speaks to those in higher Dimensions and a very personable gal and fun to talk to.

4) Professor Gerald Pollack – University of Washington. His experiments are leading to powering large US Navy ships by using the 4th Phase of Water rather than Nuclear Reactors

5) Michiko Hayashi and Dr Yoshi – From Tokyo, Japan – who are working on both healing your body through frequencies and cleaning up large bodies of water using these same frequencies – a type of “Radionics”  – very high frequencies.

6) Greg Sullivan – Commander of the SETI Program of Japan – very nice fellow to talk with. He may come, maybe not. There is so much activity out there right now he may be tied up. He was there last year – a very young guy with an enormous amount of enthusiasm.

7) Emma Loiuse Hansen – From Norway – She came from Andromeda Galaxy and is who is currently being visited from folks from there and has pictures of these folks she is interacting with. Wow – I look forward to meeting her.

8) Simon Parks – an incredible guy from England who’s mother worked for MI5 and father worked for MI6 – the James Bond People. He is in contact with several alien races and has a unique perspective on the US Secret Space Program and will come via Skype.

9) Jim Mars – The Author of so many books. No introduction is even needed. This guy is incredible.

Friday night is free and the cost of the entire conference for Saturday and Sunday is $197.

Last years conference blew our minds.

If you do not go then how will you know???

We saw some really strange things there last year.

In the sky, for example,  there were some very strange ships that showed up on our Cell Phones.

Apparently the  Galactic Alliance is supposed to be there this year so hang on to your hats and prepare for a low fly-over.

If you have any questions please go to:

See you there.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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