Judith K. Moore, Records of Creation 1-21-17… “The Trinity of the Illumination: A Message of Transformation”

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judith_k_moore_headshot_150_1Have not read much (any) Judith K. Moore for some time. Someone emailed this to me (and I do not have a web link for it.

Apparently this was written (channeled) prior to the Inauguration. I would say part of the message from Judith is reflected in the sentence in Mr. Trump’s address where he said, “we are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the American People”.

Judith’s website is RecordsofCreation.com.

“The voices of a critical mass of humanity demonstrated all over the world in a call for freedom, integrity and opposition to the take over of the United States by a regime that is as dangerous to the world as was the power behind world leaders in the 40’s… What was will not be and history will not repeat itself. We are moving through a mirror of light that shifts reality and…

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