BREAKING: Trump Releases His Health Care Plan And It BLOWS OBAMACARE AWAY!! – YouTube

Published on 15 Feb 2017…According to a release from Trump Tower, Trumpcare will utilize a system in which the government will make all payments to insurance providers and Americans will have their share of the cost added to their tax bill. Everyone can then choose their own doctors without having to worry about whether or not the plan is right for them. All insurance plans will cover all conditions regardless of age, up to 65, when Medicare will kick in and cover almost everything.The best part is, only American citizens and legal residents are eligible. No more illegals gumming up the system and raping their nurses. Doctors can examine people without worrying about them blowing themselves up.Poor people with no jobs will be required to work a certain amount of hours if they can’t afford health care and retirees will move to a voucher system where they’ll be given coupons for discounts on stuff Medicare doesn’t cover.So all of the fears will be gone. Everyone’s premiums will be assessed as a percentage of their income, just like their taxes, and nobody will get a free ride on the backs of others. Donald Trump saves the day again.


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