Every ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ In America Has Just Been Vindicated…


(BeforeItsNews)Before the dishonest media used the term ‘fake news’ as a weapon to discredit any opposing viewpoints, there was another term it used – ‘conspiracy theorist’. Yes, long before ‘fake news’ and ‘Russian shills’, it was conspiracy theorists that bore the brunt of the media’s ridicule. To be sure, conspiracy theories cover a wide range of subjects, and some of them are truly out there. But when it comes to the theories around Big Brother surveillance, they’ve just been vindicated.In the following video, Right Wing News looks again at the overall implications of the latest WikiLeaks release of the CIA documents, coupled with confirmations from former NSA officials that Trump was most likely wiretapped. The scope of what the documents reveal is frightening; aside from false flag cyber attacks and consumer electronic hacking capability, the CIA had also been running its ‘own NSA’ division, with even less accountability! What state are we in when it takes an external party to show the full extent of the unconstitutional actions of our supposed protectors? The conspiracy theorists may be right, but the state of the nation is very wrong…

Source: Every ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ In America Has Just Been Vindicated… (Video) | Politics


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