James Corbett on North Korea… (one of those “Imaginary Villians” created by ??)

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North Korea is one of those “Imaginary Villians” created by who knows who, probably Rothschilds/Rockefellers to keep the war machine going. And that country also goes along with ones like Iran, Syria, East Prusso-Moldaviakia and, of course, Russia, and all Presidents of the US have had to go along with this notion. Whether Trump, et al, will break out of this mold, we shall see.

The exercises called “Foal Eagle” have been going on since 1987, so that’s nothing new. Whatever else the military is doing this time over there, who knows.

I have a “sense” that there is a lot more to this story that is being kept under wraps. But I post a link to the RMN article below, along with a James Corbett video that has a more balanced peace solution.

Link to RMN article: B1’s, B52’s, Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group Are On The…

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