Trump Supporters Go After Jared Kushner – Americans Did Not Vote To Put Hillary In The White House » The Event Chronicle

By Susan Duclos

During the election campaign season, Donald Trump gathered a team from a variety of backgrounds and different political factions,  bringing together a team to push his anti-globalist message, his America First policy. That team included Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon and others. We are specifically referencing Kushner and Bannon because they represent the complete opposite sides of the political spectrum of people that helped Trump win the 2016 presidential election.

REMINDER: George Soros Lends $250 million to Jared Kushner for Real Estate Start-Up

Steve Bannon: We are seeing a lot of “chatter” from the MSM, and since many Trump supporters do not trust the MSM nor their agenda, we will stick to Bannon’s own assertions when he states that reports saying he considered quitting his White House job are a “total lie.” Also when he was asked directly if there was any chance he would be leaving the Trump administration, his answer was “zero.”

Source: Trump Supporters Go After Jared Kushner – Americans Did Not Vote To Put Hillary In The White House » The Event Chronicle


One thought on “Trump Supporters Go After Jared Kushner – Americans Did Not Vote To Put Hillary In The White House » The Event Chronicle”

  1. Many of us agree with what you are saying. This is looking really bad for Trump. He needs to wake up and he needs to know who he can trust and who he cannot . Many people he is listening to are in over their head and this is above their understanding. The others do know politics and think totally opposite of the way Trump said he wanted things to go while he campaigned .Yet it is these very people who are now running the show for their agenda and it is not to help America but help their self and those they are loyal too.

    God says he is going to judge this nation but would hold off judgment if we would repent . If the President and his Administration of this Nation is going to lie to their own people and think we do not know that they are, they are very misguided including Trump . If they do not think they will be judged and in grave trouble with God and the American people who voted for Trump . They are just as out of touch with God and his people in America as they can be. Most of us Americans are peaceful minded. Americans are interested in being allowed to fairly run their own business ,wanting nothing to do with war, Wanting to respect our Government and all our Elected officials, wanting to see them take care of our nations people and info structure , help businesses and low taxes for all, ending poverty and having a good health care plan that is really good. Not a repeat of the same. We need our elected officials caring for , the concerns of all our elected voters. We need and want to have peace in our nation and with each other, peace with other nations and everyone will have their health needs met, and enough jobs for all to have a comfortable life. Not just for our Nation but for the whole world.

    If there is a horrible tape about Trump and a young girl I just pray it is not true and a double played in it , well God have mercy on Trump , he will have to face the truth of his deed. He also needs to know all us voters that voted for him know about this alleged tape. It is either fake or real. The people have a right to know. A compromised President that is being blackmailed is no President at all . He is a Puppet. The reason I am sad to say I think it may be true He has sure changed his direction from his populace way of doing things to the other method that people want things to go. . He seems to have changed the way he was going . They may have sent him a copy to show him they do have the tape and are in truth black mailing him.

    Robert David Steele says our country would forgive him and not want a prosecution. Many of us could not go along with that . If true that young child deserves justice no matter who killed her.

    . If Trump does not know that by now as well as the GOP Party they never will.


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