AstroButterfly 4-10-17… “Five Planets Retrograde In April – How To Survive Them”

Kauilapele's Blog

For some reason, I felt this might be useful for some. It sounds like a kind of “multidimensional” mode of viewing our planetary process right now.

“In April we have a record number of 5 (FIVE) planets retrograde. The Universe is asking us to “sort out” our life and redefine our reality and how we operate in it. This retrograde period is “three-dimensional” as it will ask us to look at ourselves (our thoughts, our communication – Mercury and our set of values – Venus) at our environment (Jupiter and Saturn) and at how everything fits together in the grand scheme of things (Pluto)… 4 planets out of the 5 actually change direction in April.

“When is so much retrograde power in the air, we need to slow down any pay attention. Old patterns of thinking and old habits that no longer serve us will be brought to our…

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