DR WILLIAM MOUNT: The Dollar Hangs By A Thread

The Dollar is literally hanging on by a thread.

We all see the economic indicators – but what is really happening behind the scenes????

This weekend Washington DC will hold it’s annual Spring Meeting to discuss the fate of the dollar

Key Topics to be discussed include:

1) Cities are Where The Future Is Being Built:

IE:  How to move more people into the cities. By either destroying their farmland or over taxation.

2) 50 Years After: The SDR’s Role in the International Monetary System

IE: The death of the Dollar through the SDR.

3) Productivity In The Age Of Fewer, Older workers.

IE: Population Reduction.

Perhaps a little history:

First – all Central Banks – including the Russian and Chinese Central Banks are owned by the Rothchlds Banking System, which is supposed to be run by Deutsche Bank, which is owned by the Vatican Trust, a subsidiary of the Vatican.

So understand that all orders come form the Vatican.

In 1944 several key things happened – just as was planned way back, way, way back:

1) The Bretton Woods agreement was signed making the US Dollar the world’s Reserve Currency for settling international debt.

2)  The United Nations was created in San Francisco, along with the IMF and several dozen other agencies that control YOUR life without you ever even knowing they actually exist.

3) The plan was put forth for the dollar to die and the Chinese/Russian Gold Backed Dollars to replace the US Dollar.

4) Adolf Hitler was moved to Argentina

With the advent of Computers world wide – in 1969 the SDR was created to replace the US dollar as a form on international trade. At the time the SDR was equal to 0.888671 grams of gold – or one dollar.

Today the SDR is pegged to the dollar.

By the way – .888671 grams of gold is now worth $42.42. So this depegging the dollar has literally caused the collapse of the dollar.

This is why in 1977 when I brought home $10 an hour coffee was 25 cents and rent was $150/month.

In 1973  President Nixon was ordered by members of the CIA to violate the Bretton Woods Agreement and so he took the United States off the Gold Standard.

The SDR’s are used by the International SWIFT System to settle all trade through the use of the SDR.

Two weeks ago the Chinese CHIPS System was set in motion when the Russian Central Bank opened up a branch in Beijing, China to bypass the SWIFT System and the SDR altogether.

Ten years ago the dollar accounted for 40% of all trade.

Today the Dollar is at almost 15% of all trade.

The dollar is expected to go below 15% by 1 August and this will signal a huge change as almost all nations will dump the dollar as the “World Currency” and begin trading in the Gold Backed Yuan.

The key meetings of the IMF occur on:

1) 21-22 April to define what happens to create the collapse of the dollar

2) 13-15 October to define  (in Libra the Time Of Judgment) the actual fall of the dollar.

There are 5 things these Lucifarian NAZI Pigs did not count on when they planned this.

1) The Atomic Weapon

2) The Internet – so everyone would know.

3) NATO – Paid for by the US Dollar

4) The $7 Trillion Dollar a Year Secret Space Program paid for by the US Dollar

5) GOD – And HIS Plans.

We hope to have a real financial expert on the show on Monday – Charles who owns Noble Gold – to discuss the what happens at the meeting…

Please pray he has the time.Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: The Dollar Hangs By A Thread

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