This article was originally written as a response to a post on the Avalon Forum by Bill Ryan regarding Corey Goode.

I have read Bill’s statement regarding Corey Goode and some of the problems with his testimony and dealings with others that seem to indicate that he has not been honest with the public and that his story may also be at least partially fabricated or simply an implanted memory.  I don’t see any point in attacking him however and will not do so.

I am not going to go into the interactions I have had with Corey in the very early days (a few years ago) when he contacted me asking if I would interview him.  But I will say that while Bill Ryan has every right to make public his own views and research about Corey and his claims, he does not have the right to make statements on my behalf and without my permission about what he assumes I think or what I have told him in confidence. 

There are many people in this sector who are highly suspect and many people who are telling the truth as they see it and still many more with implanted or false memories.  There are people who are playing to the audience and lying outright with full knowledge that they are doing so.  There are agents, assets who are in essence working for intelligence agents and paid trolls as well as unbalanced and unprincipled people as well…



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