Details of the Treason Against the Actual United States

By Anna Von Reitz

During 1909 the vermin surreptitiously placed a “title” on all land in America, as “security” for the debts of The United States of America, Inc., which started operations in 1868 and which was bankrupted in 1907.
Please note that “The United States of America, Inc.” was a private, mostly foreign-owned corporation in the business of providing governmental services and it never, ever had any valid claim on anyone’s state public or private land anywhere in this country.
That bankruptcy ended in 1953 with all debts settled and discharged.  However, the vermin then claimed that it was “impossible” for them to identify and return title to the purloined land assets to the actual heirs and owners, that they were “unknown” after nearly fifty years, and that as a result, it all had to be “claimed as abandoned property” and set aside in a giant public trust, which would itself benefit from the land assets and all the taxes generated from taxing the lease-holders— all the people who have bought land and participated in land sales ever since.
“The Department of Agriculture” has held the agricultural liens ever since.
Nobody was told about any of this.  It was just considered “private business” of the governmental services corporation(s) dba District of Columbia Municipal Corporation dba The United States of America, Inc,., dba the United States of America, Inc., dba the U.S. Corp dba the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Inc., dba E PLURIBUS UNUM THE UNITED STATES and E PLURIBUS UNUM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and UNITED STATES (INC.) and all the rest of the international corporations that have infested our country and fed on us like bedbugs ever since.
If the Generals want to do their duty, it is more than past time for them to listen to their actual bosses, the people of this country, and clean the Mess up in the District of Columbia, including the Mess at the USDA by forcing the return of the land patents to the actual heirs wherever possible and to the current owners where it is not possible to determine who the land rightfully should belong to.  This also means ending the foreclosure fraud that is ongoing.
All these people have bought land and homes and other business property in Good Faith.  The transactions involved have been advertised as “loans”—whether home loans or business loans, and they have instead been future lease-purchase agreements and no loans from any bank have actually occurred. The banks have acted as brokers instead…

via Details of the Treason Against the Actual United States — NESARA- REPUBLIC NOW – GALACTIC NEWS


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