“Calling Out” the MSM… 5-11-17, RT video… “‘Russians tricked us’: US media outcry over exclusion from Trump Lavrov meeting”

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This video was included in a Lada Ray article, which I post following this post. Anyway, it certainly goes along with the theme of “‘Calling Out’ the MSM” (the US MSM), and it is quite evident to me that pretty much everything the US MSM tries to do with almost anything these days is being “called out” by one person or internet outlet or another. This also goes along with the “Draining the Swamp” theme which was covered in this (early) morning’s Kp Radio Hawaii show.

Two points here, 1) US MSM were all “PO’d” by only having two photographers (one Russian, one American), but 2) when the Ukraine FM was photographed in the Oval Office with Trump, there was NO outcry. The MSM is controlled. They are not there to “be objective” anymore.

The image (upper left) is, in my view, a key moment in the…

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