Kp Message 5-17-17… “All I have to say is, ‘Hoooooooly Crap!!!!!!!!'”

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161102_kp_kauai_p1010211_arm_to_sun_crop_240_3All right. This one’s going to be about me (sort of). And what’s going on inside me (sort of).

I’m sensing there are massive internal changes, uprootings, holy crappings, and just so much stuff I can’t begin to describe it.

This trip has brought stuff up. A new neighbor across the street has brought stuff up. That “tack in the foot” a couple weeks ago has brought stuff up.

And this “going to Contact in the Desert” thing has brought stuff up.

Hoooooooly Crap!!!!!!!!

And you know, much of it is “fear” things. Some are mine, but I sense some are from “the Collective”. This is something I’ve encountered before… but it seems especially intense right now. So I’ll emphasize again…

Hoooooooly Crap!!!!!!!!

The other part of this is that I know this CITD thing is somehow also very BIG. Not sure exactly why. But it is… BIG!


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