Trump the Builder vs. Comey the Performer! – STEVE PIECZENIK TALKS

Trump the Builder vs. Comey the Performer!

Comey’s Testimony vs.Trump’s Infrastructure Speech:

Process vs. Concrete Outcomes!

We live in an imperfect universe. From my perspective, the people I know are divided into two basic groups: those who enjoy process and those who prefer to create/construct tangible outcomes.

Are these two differences irreconcilable?

Usually not!

I forced myself to watch yesterday’s testimony by former FBI Director James Comey. I realized that Comey & Co including Robert S. Mueller [Former FBI Director and now Special Prosecutor] as well as the new FBI Director Christopher A. Wray are all intertwined in their unique association of legal high-achievers and political shrewdness.

In contrast, Donald Trump, a novitiate to the wily ways of Washington DC, was eager to introduce two formidable contractors/builders who would oversee a Trillion Dollar Infrastructure project. Very few people have ever heard of Richard LeFrak and Steven Roth. Both are New York-based real estate developers and builders. These experts will oversee the council of 15 to 20 builders/engineers who will be the team to construct this massive infrastructure project to Make America Great Again.

I don’t personally know either man. However, I grew up beneath the penumbra of their huge developments/buildings in NYC. Richard LeFrak is one of America’s wealthiest real estate developers. He built the Newport, a 400-acre project on the New Jersey waterfront opposite Manhattan’s west side where I grew up. Currently, his projects include a mixed-use development in North Miami along with the Soffer family of Florida [Fountainbleau Hotel Miami]. Richard’s father, Samuel LeFrak, often clashed with Trump over several projects. He was President of LeFrak Organization which developed such major projects as Battery Park City, LeFrak City in Queens and Newport, New Jersey…

Source: Trump the Builder vs. Comey the Performer! – STEVE PIECZENIK TALKS

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