Patriotic Boy Scout Fights For The Respect Of The American Flag…And Wins

View on YouTube Patriotic Boy Scout Fights For The Respect Of The American Flag…And Wins
Patriotic Boy Scout Fights For The Respect Of The American Flag…And Wins
Boy Scouts are taught valuable life skills but perhaps above all else, they’re taught to respect America.

In order to attain the highest honor in the Scouts – Eagle Scout – one must do something pretty special.

And that’s exactly what a 15-year-old boy from Massachusetts did, and now all of America is applauding.

Kyle Zimmer noticed one day that his town’s flags, while prominently flown during the day, weren’t properly illuminated at night.
Proper flag etiquette (of which far too many Americans are ignorant) says the flag must be illuminated at night and if this isn’t possible, the flag must be taken down.

So, Zimmer decided he wanted the flags lit and embarked on a project to get the town of Groton to make it happen.

Of course, he had to go before the town board twice and raise the money himself, which isn’t much of a surprise as most liberal states aren’t in the business of patriotism.

The ambitious boy managed to raise $3,000 through the crowdsourcing GoFundMe site; a pasta night fundraiser helped, as did dozens of other contributors to the cause.

That was enough to get his solar lights and he was even able to, with the help of his parents, install some of these lights at nine flag displays across the town.

Mission accomplished.
And why did he do it? When asked by the local ABC affiliate, the patriotic teen replied:

“To honor those who fought and died for our country.”

This young man has more respect for his country and his flag than most people these days, which is simultaneously heartwarming and a little sad.

Would he have had to do this fifty years ago? Or would those flags been properly treated…?

It’s a question well worth asking, as we continue to battle the anti-American Leftists who burn the American Flag as a show of “rebellion” and “behead” the president as a show of entertainment.

Yeah. Times have changed. And NOT for the better.

Source: Independent Journal Review



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