First Lady Melania Trump Shares INCREDIBLE Father’s Day Message For President Trump

View on YouTube First Lady Melania Trump Shares INCREDIBLE Father’s Day Message For President Trump
First Lady Melania Trump Shares INCREDIBLE Father’s Day Message For President Trump

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Sunday the whole Trump family celebrated in their own different way. But they all managed to tweet out pictures of their Father, the President, Donald Trump. Including his wife First Lady Melania Trump.

This father’s Day weekend instead of heading to one of his plush Trump properties, President Donald Trump boarded Marine One late Saturday morning for the short trip to Camp David, the secluded government-owned retreat in nearby Maryland’s Catoctin Mountains. Which has seen about as much history throughout the years as the White House has since it’s years of operation.
President Trump returned to the White House on Sunday after spending his first Father’s Day as President at his office at Camp David. This was also his first weekend at Camp David in the state of Maryland, since he usually tends to spend his weekends at Trump properties or at the White House its self.

Sunday afternoon after spending a nice Father’s Day with family Trump, joined by first lady Melania Trump and the couple’s 11-year-old son, Barron. The president stopped to tell reporters that Camp David was incredible, beautiful and very nice. The first lady also took time out of her day to tweet on Saturday that herself, her husband and son were enjoying themselves at the camp.

I little history on Camp David:

For more than 50 years now, when presidents have wanted privacy, they have sought the cool, secluded lodges and cabins of Camp David, the presidential retreat tucked away in Maryland’s Catoctin Mountains.

Presidents have entertained visiting heads of state, such a former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, conducted cabinet meetings, and briefed Congressional leaders at the retreat. The 1978 Middle East peace talks concluded with what have become known as the Camp David Accords. Yet few Americans know much about the place, considering its prominence.

Federal Summer Camp

It all started in 1935, when the Work Projects Administration, WPA, began building the Catoctin Recreational Demonstration Area Project near Thurmont, Maryland, as an example of creating parks from worn-out agricultural land.

Three years later, the area opened as a camp for federal government employees and their families. Known as Hi-Catoctin, the facility consisted of several small cabins, a dining hall, and a swimming pool. Covered with trees and 1,800 feet above sea level, the spot provided a cool respite from the near tropical humidity of the Washington, DC, area.

Meanwhile, immediately after America’s entry into World War II, doctors for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt were urging the ailing president to find a place convenient to Washington, yet far enough away to escape the heat and political pressures of the city.

The presidential yacht, USS Potomac, was out of the question because of heightened security considerations imposed by the war. After a search committee considered two other sites on Furnace Mountain on the Virginia side of the Potomac River below Harper’s Ferry; and Shenandoah National Park, Virginia; Roosevelt toured two sites in the Catoctin Mountains.

He picked Hi-Catoctin, issuing a set of instructions on how the buildings should be remodeled and asking for the construction of a main lodge, which resembled the Roosevelt winter vacation home in Warm Springs, Georgia. The initial work cost $25,000. The camp was renamed the USS Shangri La, to follow up on the nautical connection, since many workers involved with the Potomac worked on the camp.

Popular Presidential Choice

Since Roosevelt inaugurated Shangri-La with a three-day visit beginning July 18, 1942, all subsequent presidents have made extensive use of the mountain top retreat.


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