Emergency Crews In Shock Over What They Found At Mississippi Crash Site Where 16 Service Members Die

Emergency Crews In Shock Over What They Found At Mississippi Crash Site Where 16 Service Members Died

Those who join our military do so with the willingness to die in the line of duty. It’s an incredible sacrifice that far too many end up making in service to God and country. When this happens, their family and friends take solace in the fact that it was done in furtherance of the greater good, and their memory will serve as a reminder of the liberties we retain in this great nation.

The families of the 16 service members who died in the plane crash that happened in Mississippi on Monday won’t have the same comfort. They will have to live with the fact that this crash happened on American soil and that it was completely avoidable. As with many of the problems we struggle with today in America, we get to at least partially thank our disappointment of a former President for what lead to this tragedy.

Freedom Daily reported that 7 of those killed were special forces commandos, military who have given years of their lives to becomes some of the most elite fighters on the planet. Their lives were tragically ended because of equipment malfunction. It’s been found that the aircraft actually exploded in mid-air before it ever touched the ground. This is due to the age and maintenance allowed on the aircraft, which of course can’t be fixed without funding and attention being paid by the Commander in Chief. President Trump has been systematically working to fix everything that is in sub-prime condition after 8 years of improper leadership, but he was always just racing the clock before something awful happened.

A full investigation has been launched into exactly what happened, and what can be done to keep this from happening in the future.

Via Reuters:

“U.S. officials on Tuesday were investigating the cause of a military transport plane crash that killed 16 service members including elite special operations forces a day earlier, leaving a miles-long trail of wreckage in rural northern Mississippi.

The KC-130 Hercules aircraft disappeared from air traffic control radar over Mississippi after taking off from Cherry Point, North Carolina. It plunged into a soybean field at about 4 p.m. CDT (5 p.m. EST) on Monday in Mississippi’s LeFlore County, about 100 miles (160 km) north of Jackson, the state capital.
Fifteen Marines and one Navy sailor were killed, the U.S. Marine Corps said. The names of the deceased were being withheld until family members were notified. Further details were not released. Gen. Robert Neller, Commandant of the Marine Corps, pledged ‘a thorough investigation into the cause of this tragedy.’
The aircraft was originally based out of New York’s Stewart Air National Guard Base, Marine Corps officials said.

It was transporting equipment and people to a Navy facility in El Centro, California. Equipment on board included small arms ammunition and personal weapons.
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