August 8, 2017 Russia Slams Canada For “Cattle Herding” Of Illegal Migrants, Calls Pope “Godless”

By: Sorcha Faal

A scathing new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today is slamming Canada for its new policy of “cattle herding” illegal migrants—and that President Putin directly blames Pope Francis for igniting by his calling for “open borders”, and who, also, stunningly stated about this Catholic Church leader: “If you look around at what he (the Pope) says it’s clear that he is not a man of God.  At least not the Christian God, not the God of the Bible.” 
According to this report, as the world’s 2nd largest acceptor of foreign immigrants after the United States, Russia today remains the only nation that gladly accepts economic refuges of all kinds—and while the West continues to close it borders, Russia’s remain open to all those seeking hope, freedom and economic security.
In Canada, however, this report continues, its Prime Minister Justin Trudeau—who just months ago tweeted out a message saying “to those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canada will welcome you regardless of your faith”—has become that West’s latest hypocrite by his stating this past Friday (4 August) that the same downtrodden peoples he welcomed should now “respect the border between Canada and the US”.

Fueling Prime Minster Trudeau’s blatant hypocrisy, this report explains, has been the flood of thousands of illegal migrants fleeing the United States to Canada since President Donald Trump took power—and whose numbers have so overwhelmed Canadian authorities, they have begun “cattle herding” these poor peoples into sports arenas, including Montreal’s Olympic Stadium.
Illegal immigrants begin to be herded into Montreal’s Olympic Stadium on 3 August 2017
Making Canada’s illegal immigrant crisis even worse, this report details, was an internet hoax warning Haitian peoples living in American that President Trump was about to deport them all—and causing thousands of them to flee north to the supposed protection of Canada.

To Canada’s and Prime Minister Trudeau’s greatest failing, however, towards all of these thousands of illegal migrants fleeing to their country, this report notes, is that this nation has one of the world’s strictest immigration policies—that is based on what’s called a “points based” system allowing only those who speak that nations language (English and French), have a high level of education, and the monetary resources to remain there.
Even worse for those illegal migrants fleeing to Canada, this report continues, is that unlike the United States, where if they gained citizenship they could bring their family members to join them, the Canadian government strictly forbids this practice thus leading to the fracturing of thousands of families.
Joining Canada’s hypocrisy towards illegal immigrants, this report further says, are the liberal communist elites in America—who this past week rejoiced over a Rolling Stone Magazine edition with Prime Minister Trudeau on the cover over the words “Why can’t he be our president?”—but without any of these “mindless/insane” elites bothering to notice that President Trump had just announced a new US “points based” immigration plan identical to what Canada has, thus giving them what they said they wanted.
As to what Canada is going to do in order to alleviate this illegal immigrant crisis now overwhelming them, this report concludes, the MoFA has no ideas of—other than to note that unlike the United States, the Canadians have never been shy about mass deportations of these types of peoples, and as evidenced by them doing just that in 2015.

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