Exclusive- Judge Anna von Reitz – Taking Back America – Part 2 of 4

Part 2 -Taking Back America – !!! – support VL http://ift.tt/2nlmr7g

Judge Anna’s website wwwannavonreitz.com

Anna Maria Riezinger c/o Box 520994 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

Here’s the PayPal: avannavon@gmail.com

The 50% CBD offer is ending soon – Folks, we have turned off Google Adsense now for about a month. Yes, we are losing revenue, but we have faith that God will provide an alternative means of compensation for the long hours we put into our channel, website and multiple other platforms we are involved with.
Alternatives are now available and we feel like we are offering a win-win for those that want to support us and themselves at the same time. How may you ask? Several ways –
We have aligned with 3 companies for now, that are faith based and have the, “people before profit” mentality. We have spoken with most of the leadership of these companies and are impressed with general sense of Godly love in these meetings.
Introducing –
Healthy Place Botanicals (Soon to be Essentia Organics)- Provides high quality CBD oil, essential oils and Sharoma Skinny Organic Coffee
Zurvita – Zeal Energy Drink – Focus.Energy.Health This product has changed our lives … Literally !!!
IproNetwork – Pro Currency – Revolutionary concept that combines, e-commerce, discount shopping and “USABLE” crypto-currencies
By getting involved with any of these 3 companies and/or using the products, you are supporting us as well as yourself, either by promoting your own health, finances , or both.
I do not recommend products lightly. These are products and services WE use every day and stand by them. …
To learn more about CBD Oil Go Here – https://youtu.be/Hob9RGNcp_k
To get CBD Oil, Sharoma Coffee and Essential Oils @ 50% off Check out this video – https://youtu.be/G2l4tDIo828
To Try Zeal Energy Drink (We use it every day) https://youtu.be/G2l4tDIo828
To support us monthly on Patreon – http://ift.tt/2nlmr7g
To make a one time PaylPal donation – victuruslibertas@gmail.com
As always, if you have any questions, comments and concerns, you may email me directly at victuruslibertas@gmail.com … We are happy to answer any questions and interact with our subscribers.

God Bless You All
Jim & Angie

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