Restored Republic via a GCR Summary of Week Ending March 18 by Judy Byington

Summary of last week:
1. Fri. March 16 All banks across the globe were now connected and Exchange personnel were told to report to their respective Redemption Centers.
2. Bruce, Tony, Operation Disclosure: The RV Window would be open from Sat. March 17 to Mon. March 26.
3. Dr Clarke: All Iraqi people were to be paid first, then everyone else.
4. TNT: Sat. March 17 Iraqi TV was broadcasting payments for citizens in large volumes.
5. Tues. March 20: Deadline for countries to receive their repatriated gold.
6. Zap: Our funds will finally be released this coming Tues. March 20.
7. Tues. March 20 Wells Fargo employees were scheduled for meetings after work.
8. TNT: Wed. March 21 was determined to be a Iraqi holiday and all Iraqis were told they would have payments prior to or by this date
9. Wed. March 21: Iraqi Budget with the new Dinar Rate goes into effect; the new Iraqi denoms would be out and if Banks were not ready to go by March 21, they would be left out of the GCR.
10. Sat. March 24: The Stock Market would begin to crash as designed.
11. Sun. March 25: The new Dinar Rate would be published.
12. Mon. March 26: China would release it’s Yuan as a gold/asset-backed reserve currency and the new US Treasury Note would be announced as gold/asset-backed during this final day of the RV Window.
March 18 2018 9:06 am EST, Rates are Populating on Bank Screens, RayRen98: “Rates are Populating!” – Intel from TNT RayRen98 3-18-18

I’m getting reports that rates are populating on bank screens: Dinar: $3.71 (Contract Rates for Dinar: $28.50) – Dong: $.47 – Rupiah: $1.08 – Zim: $.10

Judy Note: Tony claimed that 6 zeros would be taken off Zim note with a limit of up to 100T redeemed at your appointment. You would be able to redeem the rest that you have later and the Zim could go up in value to $.16 cents. Bruce claimed that no zeros would be taken off the Zim note used for Humanitarian Projects & you could request Contract Rates to meet the amount you need to do your project. It was yet to be determined if the 80% for Humanitarian, 20% for yourself rule applied. We won’t know the final details until we are sitting at our appointments.
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