Black Hats Staging False Flag Event in Syria; Intending to Sacrifice 1,000s of US Soldiers! 9-11-18

Urgent! Centcom Black Hats Staging False Flag Event in Syria; Intentionally Sacrificing Thousands of American Soldiers!
There are a multitude of terrorist factions in Syria who are terrorizing the Assad government and the Syrian people.
This assortment of terrorist factions, including paid mercenaries from around the globe, are trained and funded by the CIA (MIC Deep State), British MI6, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.
There is a 55 Kilometer Area in Syria seething with the terrorist factions, an area that also contains an illegal American military base, providing training and tactical support support for the terrorist groups.
Legitimate Syrian government forces are aware of the 55 Kilometer Area, who along with Russian forces, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, have stated repeatedly over the past few weeks their plans for a massive (lawful) offensive against this region, to oust the remaining terrorist factions attempting to destroy Syria and the Assad government.
Centcom and DC have been warned multiple times via diplomatic sources over the past weeks; this offensive by Syrian government sources and its allies is forthcoming and imminent, and that any American military personal should be immediately removed from Syria and out of harms way.
The reaction to the warnings from Centcom and DC are nothing short of yet another war crime.
Instead of removing American military personal from an already illegal base, the reaction of Centcom was to send more American military units into the Syrian base.
The plan is to sacrifice the lives of American assets in Syria, and bring about full blown military confrontation with Russia and Iran, creating the long sought after boiling point of total war which will engulf the entire region – and create billions in war profiteering for the MIC and Zionist scum manipulating and overseeing the operation.

Should this diabolical exercise come to fruition, understand that top brass of the Pentagon and the Deep State MIC will be face to face, and on the negative side of their own military tribunals for crimes against humanity, and premeditated murder of thousands of American personal.
Blackstone Intelligence Network
Streamed live 11 hours ago 9-11-18
Tensions in Syria continue to mount as world powers square off in a frightening escalation in military activity.
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LIVE: US Troops Being Used as Human Shields in #Syria

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