“Philip Tilton FB Letter Post Regarding Zim” by PNW – 11.10.18


Philip Tilton posted this letter on his FaceBook page. I’ve posted the translation below.




Zurich, November 9, 2018



Currency Investors in Foreign Currency (Zimbabwe)

After providing a series of negotiation, verification and specialization processes, of which we have have been fully informed, it is our pleasure to make them participants in the following information, and tell them that the process of exchange and settlement of dollars in foreign currency (zimbabwes), I am advancing in a positive way for all, until I become a reality, that is why great satisfaction, we inform you that what was once so distant, and today is something real and tangible.

The result of the operation that you and we performed was always designed to persistent, committed people of great projections in life. For you who have come to the culmination of this project with us, after thanking you for your credibility and trust,

We are reporting that the following week, after confirmation and acceptance of this release,

We will send you the airfare and hotel, to suit the place of the world that you decide in order to receive the funds corresponding to their liquidation, already pre-established.

We invite you to consult your entire trusted team and carefully review the location where you want to receive your funds, but thinking about your well-being, security, since give us your approval, we want to accompany you to the end and at no cost we will be ready to provide you with the advice you need, giving you some suggestions from countries where you must use for the receipt of your funds, taking into account several factors that our view is important in order to safeguard its resources, such as measures taxes prevailing in the receiving country, economic stability, currency strength, etc. We

We will be quick to give you some suggestions to receive your funds, however, it is true that the decision itself is of its total autonomy.

Please confirm receipt, suggestions and acceptance of this communication via e-mail.

Cordial greeting

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