The “3” Signs: 11 minutes long – exactly 9:11 PM EST – coming Friday, is 1/11 Gene !!! 1.9.19

For those of you who watched the presidential address Tuesday night, beyond the fact that Trump used the words “humanitarian” and “crisis” during it (its not a humanitarian crisis – the Southern border problem is an attempt to destabilize this country so the dark side wins – its an attempted invasion), did you notice how long it was and the time it ended? This has got to be a clue…

The address was exactly 11 minutes long and ended at exactly 9:11PM EST. I actually got a chill when I looked at my PC clock and realized the time it ended. YEOW!

Coincidence? I think not.

Maybe I’m misreading this but the word crisis in regard to 9:11 I’m thinking to mean that just like the trade towers on 9/11, the dark state’s world is going to come crashing down abruptly and without warning and soon. Trump just sounded the 2 minute warning if I’m correct. FINALLY!

Oh, and this coming Friday, of all things is 1/11 (and the address was exactly 11 minutes long – ya think?). Hmmm! Only time will tell but a curious observation anyway.

I also believe the use of the word “humanitarian” was directed at us – we humanitarians – to let us know its go time!

Lets all hope and pray its the end of the world (positive) as we know it shortly!

C’mon RV! The dark side’s world ends the second the alliance pushes the big green go button! True lasting peace on Earth may be but days away! YAY!

I never thought I’d live to see it but true, lasting peace on Earth is upon us!

Signed: Gene
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