Chinese Authorities Targeting Dogs To ‘Contain’ the Virus

The Coronavirus Control Teams from different areas in China have been caught on video taking away and even killing dogs to contain the CCP virus. In this video, when a young couple came out for a walk with their pet dogs, police forcibly took away the dogs and put them inside their police car.

He does not bite. No one would do such a thing like this. Please, do not take it away! I beg you, do not take it away! Don’t do this to my dog.

Woman: Did you guys record what happened just now?

Man:Don’t do that. It’s our family pet. Don’t do this to my dog.

Pedestrian 1: Return the dog to him.

Police Officer: This is our duty.

Pedestrian 2: What are you doing? Dogs are mankind’s best friend.

#CCPvirus #Wuhan #Coronavirus

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