Princess Diana & JFK Jr Still Alive!!

Part 1:
I’m going to tell you about the GREATEST PLAN IN THE WORLD.
I’m going to tell you about a beautifully good, princess and two strapping young men, who chose a totally different path, then the elite/dark cabal. Who were in the same circles, but never conformed to them. I’m going to tell you how these three have created a plan, that has literally shaken and shattered our “matrix” of a reality.
Meet the beautiful Snow White, pure, good and lovely. She was forced into a marriage where she was nothing more then a breeder for the “reptilian royal family” in Diana’s words. Who at 19, was forced to marry a man, who would only use her to bare his children, and then she would be thrown aside. She would quickly learn about the horrific crimes of the queen, and royal family. She would realize they(Queen) ran many of the secret societies, ate, raped and trafficked children, while ritually sacrificing them to Satan. How does a good and beautiful princess handle this, she’s in a situation with no control and powerless. Her boys, she had little control over, they were to be groomed to take roles of power and authority. She was told, she was nothing more then a breeder. Her relationship with the Queen was horrible, and she hated the Queen and the Queen hated her. (Snow White) She even specifically stated that the Queen was ‘EVIL’! Where does this leave her? A major threat. MAJOR. And she knew this. So, what does a beautiful, good princess do, when she knows her fate is going to be death, unless……. ???
And, who wants nothing more then to bring down the evil, to revenge what was done to her and son’s.
Who did she in trust to help her FLEE?
JFK Jr. And Donald Trump, see she knew they were good and they knew she was good. The plan started after JFK was assassinated, to take down the dark cabal. Donald and JFK Jr were a huge part of that plan, and so was the good and beautiful, Princess Diana. Who better to take down the royals but an insider? And an insider who’s life was destroyed, by the royals. See JFK Jr and Donald knew the royals had to be destroyed, as they were the figure heads of the crown, and the crown owned the United States. They knew we would never be freed unless, the Crown and the banking system was demolished. Diana was the perfect kingpin.
In the summer of 1995 a secret meeting was arranged between Diana and JFK Jr, an arrangement was made and her “fake death” would be plotted out and planned, and her place in the plan would be established. The cover for details was plotted……
Then in December of 1995, 6 months later, she and Donald just end up at a charity event together, and even “coincidentally” ended up at the same table. See Donald played his part well, first flattering her…..then going on and on about her in a less flattering way, but that was important, it keep all suspicion at bay. After her divorce was finalized a “hand written” letter was sent to Donald, from Diana. This I believe was the go a head……..
The plot and cover would begin to unfold. Now, she “died” almost exactly one year from her divorce. And she “died” exactly two years from meeting JFK Jr. And JFK Jr. “died” exactly, almost to the date, 2 years after Diana. NO COINCIDENCE. See there is no way that Diana and JFK Jr., would be able to execute there role “alive”. There wasn’t any choice and their lives we’re in danger.
So, three short weeks before Diana’s “death” enter Dodi, just three weeks….that was it, that was the extent of their relationship. See he was the cover but he was also the connection to the good side of the House of Saud(think God Father III) his grandfather was the doctor of King Salman. See JFK Jr. and Donald knew that there were two sides to the House of Saud. And they knew that the good side (Salman) wanted to break free from the bad side (mob prince Al-Waleed) side. See the bad side of The House of Saud, was funding most of the curruption, and they were a big part of the funding to the Crown. Donald and JFK Jr arranged with them, through Dodi, that if they(good side of House of Saud would keep Diana safe) they would free them from the bad side, that had been running the show(Al-Waleed). And, that by eliminating the bad side, you eliminate the funding to the dark cabal, crown and free the (Salman) side, of the evil mob. And in exchange for their freedom, Diana is kept safe and helps take down the royals with all her inside
Because remember, the good side of The House of Saud, needed Diana’s knowledge of the royal connections, to take down the bad side of The House of Saud, who was connected to the Crown and funding the Royal’s and the curruption……
Remember in the very beginning of the drops, the SA take down was so important because it cut the funding ties to all the curruption……. They had to be the first to go, they were very important. Without their ties being cut, nothing else could have happened. Their funding cut, put a big squash in the royals funding…. making them weak and neutering their power….
You can thank Diana!
Enjoy the show!

14 thoughts on “Princess Diana & JFK Jr Still Alive!!”

  1. Praying this is true…God bless them for sacrificing so much to help safe the world from this evil cabal…God will always prevail over evil we must all keep praying for God to save HIS people…my heart breaks for the innocent children they have tortured and God bless all the soldiers who have been rescuing them may God take the horrific memories from the children’s minds as well as the soldiers! Amen


  2. You are attacking the people who are trying to stop all the madness of this plandemic of which you speak. Are you accusing the messengers of something? If a mass murderer came into your home and killed your family and someone captured him and told you to enjoy watching him hang… then would you attack that person? I’m not sure you understand what you are reading, dear one.
    B Car


    1. JFKJr goes by the name Juan O Savin for 107 which is his Military Number and his wife’s Carolyn Bissett Kennedy’s birthday. Look up Juan O Savin revealed, and the movie The Called, both are on the internet. John and Donald Trump both lived in NYC, John knew that the Kennedy men were being killed, he knew Trump could help him hide, he and his wife moved to Ireland for several years. They didn’t die in a plane crash, but that’s what they wanted the Deep State to believe. JFKJr’s pilot few John’s airplane, while John & Carolyn, wearing life jackets, jumped into the water nearer to shore. They were rescued. A story was developed in order to hide them and keep them safe until they would be revealed. I’ve been following JFKJr., for about eight years in various online groups.

      I believe that JFKJR was the person in the Military who recommend Trump to run for President!


  3. I do feel JFK Jr is alive. I have from the first day. I would have to have a little more convincing that Diana is. She was a smart lady and this may be trues I am not say it isn’t. So far I am not convinced. I hope I am wrong.


  4. Most extraordinary. I hope all this is true. My wife and I truly loved both Diane and John F. Jr. They were both concerned about humankind in general and did much to help others, no matter what country or what culture.


  5. This is so infuriating- this is a fairy tale. As elderly people are slaughtered, children are committing suicide, people are losing everything including their health as they become more and more brainwashed, and all people are becoming more divided every day, you idiotic W people live in a fantasy world. where you think this is an exciting action packed movie. It is absolutely disgusting. Tell the people who have lost loved ones during this psy op and genocide how they should be enjoying the show.


    1. Sansha, I find it intriguing that you are blaming W people for what’s going on in the world today. Please note that B people, A people and other races believe this so call fairy tale you are referring to. But your ignorance is overwhelming in not having an open mind and seeing past the BULLSHIT the fake news. You should actually do some research on the so called genocide and you’ll realize it’s been in the works for years. IT”S CALLED POPULATION CONTROL DIPSHIT.


  6. This is fascinating information. However, the author appears to be a non-native English speaking person, since his poor grammar and incorrect use of words is atrocious. I wouldn’t expect such poor, incorrect use of language to come from a native English speaking person. The author should have his text proofed by a native English speaking person before publishing it.


    1. Really, What are you doing to inform? Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, and don’t insult and disrespect people who are trying to wake the sheep up which apparently you need some help with!


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