One thought on “Ripple/XRP-SEC vs Ripple-Hints Of Settlement Near,Ripple/XRP Secret Weapon For Price Explosion”

  1. This proves your analysis of how retail is more or less locked out of buying or selling. It can be done for me it would mean opening another account and right now I am just holding my bag.
    I digress sorry, but the big bag holders are increasing their holdings.
    amazing do they think we don’t notice. This court case was Government saying we want our cut. The price dumps and they came in and bought the dip scaring off newbies. They really don’t want retail in this market because we are the Joker card that is the ticket to the wealth that this is going to generate globally. The biggest transference of wealth humanity has ever seen. And this space called crypto is owned by the people for the people. I wrote this here rather than on youtube because it was so long and I didn’t
    want to be censored because what I am saying they don’t want the people to know. Keep up the good work. P


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