One thought on “All vaccines will no longer be justified from 20.10.2021”

  1. When people learn the truth about vaccines, they will know that no vaccine has ever helped anyone. They will learn that the only three things that vaccines can do is DAMAGE, CRIPPLE & KILL. Start with “honest” medical experts like Dr. Stefan Lanka and Dr. Lorraine Day. Then read the book entitled VACCINES: THE BIGGEST MEDICAL FRAUD IN HISTORY by Eleanor McBean, PhD….Also, read the article MARCO POLIO by Chris Kirckof to learn why The Polio Vaccine was a complete and total fraud. The truth is ALL VACCINES should be abolished as soon as possible. They are the leading cause of all disease in the world today. Our problem is that we currently have NO HONEST PREACHERS, POLITICIANS, or NEWS MEDIA telling us this most profoundly important truth. The TRUTH is our highest synonym for God, yet the Truth, as well as God, has been effectively hidden from the vast majority of us.


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