1. The criminal Transgender Idiots will soon defecate from the Mouth, just to look different. Eat from the Ass, to satisfy their idiotic mindset. When that happens, we will need fewer Toilet Papers for the normal function of cleaning our backside. If not a sickness, how can a normal human chop off his beautiful machine to create a hole where it was never biologically placed there? This Tranny behavior is confusing Little Kids from understanding what these people are up to. At this point, we need to have two Planets. One for true humans and one for all Politicians, Democrats, and Republicans, all other twisted-minded criminals like Klaus Schwabs of WEF with his minions. Doctors, Nurses, and Musicians who have sold their Souls to the devil. We can no longer co-exist with demons.


  2. It’s like every observation. You’re the type that if you didn’t see it yourself, you think it doesn’t exist. Ever seen an Atom? What about a virus? How do you know they exist?


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