2 thoughts on “Internet Kill.. MAY 4TH”

  1. I am one of God’s CHOSEN PEOPLE because I MEDITATE. Technically, according to the “correct” or metaphorical interpretation of The Holy Bible, “anyone” who meditates is officially one of God’s CHOSEN PEOPLE.

    The Jewish People have suffered the hatred of a world of people who intuitively know that “ALL” of us certainly can be one of God’s Chosen People, not just the Jews. This “false” interpretation of the Bible has been very destructive in many ways, especially for the Jews.

    Hopefully, Trump and Q and The Plan are real and happening on schedule, according to The Plan. At least this has been my “hope” for the past 18 months because to think otherwise simply causes too much anxiety. I am trusting in God to make things turn out COOL for the good guys.

    The main reason the world became almost totally Satanic is that the Satanists have been very busy “hiding” the truth about God from us. This has required an incredible expenditure of money around the world to BUY & SELL, and Blackmail, every Preacher, Politician, Medical Doctor, Judge, Police Officer, Teacher, Media folks, and every other source of information you can name.

    The Satanists have succeeded in selling their ANTI-CHRIST philosophy everywhere around the world. The term Anti-Christ does not refer to an individual person, as The Satanists want you to believe. No, the term “Anti-Christ” refers to The Satanists’ TOP PRIORITY, their most important mission, on behalf of Satan, which is to DESTROY THE CHRISM (CHRIST) of as many people as they can, especially those who claim to love God.

    All of the Satanically controlled manufacturing companies, in every industry, like food processing, clothing, building materials, automobiles, lawn and gardening products, etc. are always looking for new and better ways of DESTROYING OUR CHRIST OIL, our CHRISM, OUR Cerebro-Spinal Fluid (CSF is what the Satanic Allopaths call it).

    This Anti-Christ Mindset is very rewarding for these Satanic Corporate Leaders. Huge bonuses are received from the Trillionaire Satanists whenever new and better ways of DESTROYING OUR CHRIST OIL (OUR CHRISM) are effectively incorporated, unnoticed, into the products we consume.

    The best way for all of us to COUNTERACT these Satanists’ constant attacks is to understand and practice both MEDITATION & RAISING THE CHRISM. We can learn “HOW” to most effectively meditate and Raise Our Chrism by reading a 102 year old book entitled GOD-MAN: THE WORD MADE FLESH by Dr. George W. Carey. You can find it online and read it for Free.

    Also, We need to learn the truth about the most powerful MEDICINE ever found, which has also been “hidden” from most of us. That medicine is URINE. Read THE WATER OF LIFE by John Armstrong. Also, read URINE FASTING BENEFITS by Dr. JAKE AMES.

    John Armstrong claimed, after curing thousands of people, that a 45-DAY URINE FAST cures “ANY” disease. Our URINE is literally THE HOLY WATER. Lord Shiva wrote a poem about it, our URINE, called The Water of Auspiciousness. Lord Shiva referred to our URINE as one of the greatest Gifts from God. How many folks have told you that?

    When folks realize just how COOL GOD IS, then the Satanic Desires, which are both plentiful and powerful, can be far more easily overcome. We all have both God & Satan within us at all times, which is both good and totally necessary. Remember, like Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “WE GAIN THE STRENGTH OF THE TEMPTATIONS WE RESIST.” We need Satan in order to grow stronger by overcoming him.

    The Bottom Line is that the more we Practice both Meditation & Raising The Chrism, the Happier and Healthier our life becomes. The More we learn about “WHAT” God truly is, the COOLER we find God to be. The Cooler we find God, the Cooler Our Life becomes. It’s so cool.


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