One thought on “Large asteroid bigger than London Bridge to pass Earth – COMMS”

  1. A large Asteroid, bigger than LONDON BRIDGE, is going to pass Earth? This is a perfect example of the kind of TOTAL B.S. we see and hear virtually everywhere today. ALL reports about Asteroids threatening to crash into Earth are total and complete LIES & DECEPTION from The Satanists who control both NASA and The U.S. Military.

    We have a FIRMAMENT or ROOF above us, like PSALMS 19:1 teaches us. Wernher Von Braun found, in Project FISHBOWL, that this FIRMAMENT is “impenetrable”, which means that NOBODY has ever passed through it, either coming in or going out.

    This also means that The Entire Field of ASTRONOMY is “fake” science, yet “NONE” of our leaders, including Trump, is telling us this PROFOUND TRUTH. We’ve never made it to the MOON, MARS, or anywhere else in OUTER SPACE. WHY? Because WE HAVE NO ACCESS TO OUTER SPACE. NO Aliens from Outer Space are visiting us either. It’s all lies, heavily promoted by The Satanists who control the U.S. Military and NASA and “EVERY” politician too.

    David Zublick is reporting that the real Donald J. Trump is dead, and that he was murdered by his son-in-law, Jared Kushner on behalf of Chabad, a Khazarian Mafia front operation. Hopefully, this is not true.

    However, if Trump is dead, Americans simply need to “insist” on more HONESTY from its politicians. We have a perfectly wonderful RULE BOOK known as THE CONSTITUTION. However, our “BIGGEST PROBLEM” is the fact that we currently have “NOBODY”, with any real power, telling us the TRUTH. All of our current Leaders are “horribly incompetent”.

    If TRUMP had not been so “horribly uninformed” about both VIRUSES & VACCINES, NO Virus-Related Pandemic would have been possible. That’s right, if TRUMP had known the Scientific Truth, as taught by DR. STEFAN LANKA, he would have NEVER “allowed” the Medical Mafia to SCAM THE WORLD with another “FAKE” Pandemic.

    Donald will go down in history as one of the most “incompetent” leaders the world has ever seen. Just look at the ENORMOUS loss of both LIFE & WEALTH, over the past two years, DUE TO THE “IGNORANCE” of our Leader, Donald John Trump.


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