4 thoughts on “CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS SATURDAY!!”

  1. If things and bad people are being dealt with round the world.Then why isnt that a reality here in the USA? No progress here!! The Marxist takeover, still a harsh reality here in the us.pple set dates for things to happen& they arent happening..So what gives pple??? The rate this is taking place, ill be dead, im 60.. Cant trust ANY News source in the age of deception.. Little sad considering the age we live in.


  2. Trump is not ignorant.

    The Medical Establishment is the 3rd most corrupt institution in the United States, followed by the Monetary System (Federal Reserve), and the Legal System (British Admiralty Registrar (BAR) system.

    As long as Americans look up to Doctors, and believe everything they say, Americans will continue to be victimized.

    So, we need a puppet show to reveal to us just exactly what this medical system is made of . . . lies, fraud, genocide, etc.

    What better way, than by a living example?


  3. According to the “only” person I have any faith in today, regarding this Trump, Q, & The Plan Plot, the actual truth behind this Worldwide WAR between The Satanists, those who have infiltrated and now control Worldwide Freemasonry, and The People who Believe All People are God’s Children, literally, and that as a Child of God, we “must” always be FREE. And, as 100% God, which is the case with each and every one of us, we are PERFECT just as we are. We are WHOLE, PERFECT, STRONG, & POWERFUL “just as we are.” The notion that God “Needs” a vaccine is both false and utterly absurd as well. Hopefully, Trump and his Team will “END” this madness soon because the longer they “wait”, the more they destroy things. Trump, for example, still believes that Louis Pasteur’s Germ Theory of Disease is true. Trump’s IGNORANCE regarding Viruses & Vaccines “enabled” Fauci and the Medical Mafia to LOCK DOWN the world with a FAKE PANDEMIC. Had Trump only known the truth, as preached by the world’s best health expert, DR. STEFAN LANKA, Trump could have simply “SHUT DOWN” this Covid-19 Pandemic “BEFORE” it could even get started. Had Trump been more well informed, he could have saved “MILLIONS” of Lives & “TRILLIONS” in Wealth. HOSEA 4:6 should be the message on TRUMP’s new hats. HOSEAS 4:6 reads…”MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.” Please wake up and start telling us & honoring the TRUTH, Mr. Trump. Abolish “all” vaccines, FOREVER!!!


    1. Your statements and reasoning are not at all accurate. You speak of things any normal sleeper might say. The truth is far from that. Your assumptions about POTUS Trump and his knowledge or lack thereof are simply wrong. It appears that you have not been around long enough to know the truth. It’s all out there. You just have to do your own digging.


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