2 thoughts on “Wakeup Meditation Sunday 5th June 2022”

  1. Some “specific” BLESSINGS all of us can use to make an ENORMOUS difference in creating a more positive WORLDWIDE Vibratory Frequency are: Just think or say, “I am a Child of God, consisting of 100% God, which makes my BLESSINGS POWERFUL. I BLESS this Current World Situation with LOVE, JOY, & PEACE.” By thinking and saying “I BLESS IT ALL WITH LOVE, JOY, & PEACE”, “our” Highest Wisdom & Power goes to work creating more LOVE, JOY & PEACE throughout the world. Since we are all “one”, and 100% God, everything is interconnected, including ALL individual Minds, like telephones, and we are all “connected” to each and every other Mind. Each of our thoughts are POWERFUL.

    It also helps to make AFFIRMATIONS to “alter” your experience for the better. Charles Haanel believed that the 7 most powerful affirmations one can make are: “I AM WHOLE”
    “I AM HAPPY”
    By making these affirmations, or any others you may like, you literally alter your life for the better. Simply start doing them and you will see.

    WE ARE GODS, LITERALLY, 100% SO. WHY? BECAUSE GOD IS OMNIPRESENT, occupying all space, simultaneously. There is NOTHING ELSE, ONLY GOD. Even Satan is an important part of God.

    Like Emerson said, “We gain the strength of the temptations we resist.”

    We need TEMPTATIONS in order to have something to OVERCOME, to demonstrate our LOVE for GOD. Our Righteousness is required to make us vibrate at a high-enough frequency to Return our JESUS “SEED” back to our Father within, Our Pineal Gland, which then triggers our Physiological & Psychological Regeneration, often called Being Born Again.

    This is the essence of the teaching RAISING THE CHRISM which is, along with MEDITATION, the two most important teachings of both Moses & Jesus which have literally been “eliminated” from Organized Christianity. Why? Because The Satanists “totally” control Organized Christianity.

    Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, Mel K, Clay Clark, Scotty McKay, and many other Trump Supporting Truthers are “still” enslaved by The Satanists’ EXOTERIC or LITERAL BIBLE. The need to understand the Bible ESOTERICALLY or Metaphorically to understand it “correctly”.

    Currently, in America, BILL DONAHUE of Hidden Meanings is the “ONLY” Christian Preacher teaching the Bible correctly. This “fact” is WHY the Satanists have so easily “enslaved” us. They totally control the (Satanic) CLERGY.


  2. Simon Parkes means well. He is a good man with love in his heart. However, he doesn’t possess the depth of understanding necessary to be very effective in this battle against the Satanists. The information Simon “fails” to understand and “sell” is THE MOST POWERFUL TRUTH OF ALL, which is That God is Omnipresent, literally occupying all space, simultaneously. This makes each and every one of us 100% God, which means our Thoughts & Feelings possess ENORMOUS POWER to create “both” positive or negative experience. It all depends on the nature of our Thoughts & Feelings. Simon fails to give folk the “SPECIFIC” “Intentions & Blessings” to use at 5:00 AM, EST, on Sunday, June 12th, 2022. The “INTENTION” we need to have is for The Highest Widsom & Power, God, to create “PEACE” by way of a greater awareness of THE TRUTH and an ever increasing “appreciation” for This Truth. Meditation occurs when we simply become as quiet and still as we can be, and “allow” God to talk to us, in his language of Light. Simply close your eyes and just comfortably look at the back of your eyelids and wait for the LIGHT to show up. This is what MOSES was doing when he was talking to God in the BURNING BUSH. That Burning Bush symbolizes the Light of God, on the back of your eyelids during Meditation. The more we honestly APPRECIATE the Wisdom & Power of God, the more joyful our life becomes, AUTOMATICALLY!!!


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