One thought on “Satan has returned to the original creation and received absolution”

  1. This entire war between GOOD & EVIL, The Evil Cabal vs. The Useless Eaters ( Those who love God & Good) is really a WAR OVER “THE GOLDEN RULE”. That’s it, totally, in a nutshell!!! The Battle Between Good & Evil has “ALWAYS” been about THE GOLDEN RULE.

    Aleister Crowley, The “Jesus” of The Satanists, summed up the Satanists’ (Golden-Rule-less) Philosophy of Life, precisely, with his FAMOUS 11 WORDS, which are: “DO WHAT THOU WILT SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW.” As you can see, The Golden Rule has been omitted, totally, by the “THE WHOLE OF THE LAW.”

    The Leading Satanists have “always” been the World’s Leading Criminals. These Criminals created Satanism as a SPECIAL CLUB whose members all benefit by receiving the BIGGEST JOBS, Fame & Fortune. The members simply have to “violate” The Golden Rule, whenever the Leaders ask.

    Of course, The Leading Satanists have also known that they “MUST” control the Clergy in order to survive and flourish. Therefore the Clergy in every nation is “always” the Satanists’ TOP PRIORITY.

    The Satanic Clergy “allows” for Satanic Politicians, Satanic Medical Practices, Satanic Law Enforcement Practices, etc. With an HONEST Clergy, Satanism cannot survive. Men like Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, and every other BIG NAME PREACHER you have “ever” seen on TV is, and must be, a Satanist.

    How we know they are all Satanists is the “fact” than NONE of them is “allowed” to teach us about either MEDITATION & RAISING THE CHRISM, which are the two most important teachings of both Moses & Jesus, and thousands of other WISE AVATARS.

    The Satanists have had both of these teachings successfully “REMOVED” from both Organized Christianity and Organized Judaism.

    The Leading Satanists “must” sell their membership many more LIES to both recruit them and keep them as loyal employees. The truth about God “must” be hidden from “them” too. The more people learn “about” the Nature of God, the less likely they are to become criminals. The Leading Satanists know this too.

    Read GOD-MAN: THE WORD MADE FLESH by Dr. George W. Carey which will tell you “WHAT” Jesus actually is, which is a Gigantic Secret hidden from us by The Satanists.


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