One thought on “June Trinity Update From Biomedis Global”

  1. There are many wonderful health secrets that have been suppressed by The Satanists. For example, The Leading cause of all Degenerative diseases, like Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc., is the consumption of ANIMAL FAT in the forms of MEAT, DAIRY & EGGS. Check out the work of Dr. Michael Klaper & Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

    The work of AWARANON is all about the use of SOUND, VIBRATION, & WATER to create the Healing Vibratory Frequencies within an entire community. This technology was known and utilized several hundred years ago in America and around the world…until The Satanists destroyed the people responsible for such technology, like TESLA, and then “SUPPRESSED” or “hid” this incredible technology from all of us.

    In addition, Our URINE is literally THE HOLY WATER. A poem entitled THE WATER OF AUSPICIOUSNESS by Lord Shiva was found in a 5,000 year old text called THE DAMAR TANTRA. This was a long poem in which Lord Shiva “praised” the Human Urine as one of the greatest GIFTS FROM GOD to each of his children, YOU & ME.

    Read THE WATER OF LIFE by John Armstrong and Check out the work of Dr. JAKE AMES who is using Armstrong’s URINE FASTING PROTOCOL to cure cancer easily and effectively, “without” any Allopathic Medicine, like Radiation, Chemo Therapy, or Surgery.


    The Satanists KNOW about the effects of sound and frequency on the human health. Masaru Emoto proved it. The Satanists have been doing everything in their power to destroy our CHRISM or CHRIST OIL. This is the TRUE meaning of the ANTI-CHRIST. It’s not an individual human being. No, It’s an all out “attack” upon our Cerebro-Spinal Fluid (CSF) which is also known as our CHRISM, CHRISTOS, or CHRIST OIL.

    Read GOD-MAN: THE WORD MADE FLESH by Dr. George W. Carey to learn “WHAT” Jesus really is. Currently, folks like Simon, Charlie Ward, and all their friends DO NOT even know “what” Jesus is, yet they call themselves Christians and claim we are at WAR with the Satanists.?


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