2 thoughts on “China will be conducting war games off the coast of Taiwan between August 4th-7th”

  1. With all of the Lies & Deception we have “all” been “programmed” to believe are true, our most important NEED, at this time, is an EXORCISM, seriously!!!

    The Exorcism is simply the process of “exposing” the lies, like Heliocentrism, Pasteur’s False Germ Theory of Disease, Darwin’s “false” Theory of Evolution, The Firmament or Roof above us that makes Earth a Terrarium, the Fake Moon Landing, the fake Mars Mission, the “fake” Aliens from Outer Space hoax, the cures for cancer, the fact that both VIROLOGY & ASTRONOMY are “fake” sciences, and so much more.

    The “only” way for our world to “overcome” the Satanism we have all been programmed to believe, is to replace all the LIES with the TRUTH.

    The most important TRUTH the Satanists have worked so hard to “suppress” or “HIDE” from all of us is the FACT that God is Omnipresent.

    That’s right! There is NOTHING BUT GOD, seriously!!! A Quantum Physicist who received his Ph.D. from Harvard, DR. JOHN HAGELIN, found that, AT THE NANO-LEVEL, “everything” is not only connected or unified but “everything” is made “of” the same “stuff”, some form of electro-magnetic “intelligence” from which “everything” comes.

    This fact, that God is Omnipresent, means, literally & scientifically, that each and every one of us consists of this “stuff”, 100% so. Why? THERE IS NOTHING BUT THIS “STUFF”, simply vibrating at various frequencies and “is” the “stuff” of which all matter consists, including ALL PEOPLE.

    This fact, that we are DIVINE BEINGS, as it tells us in Psalms 82:6, is literally TRUE. The Satanists greatest FEAR is that we will learn the TRUTH of The Omnipresence of God and the fact that each of us is literally a Child of God. All Bibles were written to instruct us on HOW TO OPERATE & MAINTAIN our God-Ness, seriously.

    Jesus was teaching us this Great Truth in JOHN 14:12 where he taught us that “WE”, you and I, “CAN” do even “Greater Works” than Jesus. The way we manage to gain the wisdom & power to actually DO GREATER WORKS than Jesus is through MEDITATION & RAISING THE CHRISM, which are the “two” teachings the Satanists have had REMOVED from Organized Christianity.

    One of the most important things we need to do, right now, in our WAR AGAINST THE SATANISTS, is to understand “how” they managed to “enslave” us, mentally. They have literally stolen the most profoundly important understanding of the Nature of God & Man from all of us.

    Start listening to Bill Donahue of HIDDEN MEANINGS, the “only” Preacher in America teaching the Bible correctly. Also, Santos Bonacci possesses an excellent understanding of the most profound spiritual truth.

    Learn that The Bible is not a History Book, but rather is a Book of Myth & Metaphor designed to teach us HOW TO OPERATE OUR DIVINITY. “WE” are the Gods!!! This is the BIG SECRET!!! This is “why” virtually every Big-Time TV Preacher is “totally” controlled by Satanists.

    NONE of them have told us “WHAT” Jesus actually is. This is how you KNOW they are Satanic Preachers. Read a 102 year old book entitled GOD-MAN: THE WORD MADE FLESH by Dr. George W. Carey, for free, online, today. Here, you will learn, for the first time in you life, “WHAT” Jesus actually is, and “HOW” to Raise your Chrism, which is the “ONLY” way to “Trigger Your Regeneration”, “awaken millions of dormant brain cells”, and experience what it really means to be BORN AGAIN.

    The Satanists have STOLEN this Most Powerful Teaching from most of us. Folks like Dr. George W. Carey, Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn, Dr. Tom Harpur, Santos Bonacci, and I know the truth. Look up my name…Bruce Winship Wright…I call myself THE EXORCIST. Simply check out some of my little 60-second long videos.



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