One thought on “Simon & Charlie 5th August 2022 Update Current News”

  1. Simon Parkes and Dr. Charlie Ward, along with virtually all of their friends, are very good people trying to do the right thing. The only problem with them is they know so very little about the BIG PICTURE.

    By the BIG Picture, I am referring to The Management philosophy of The Satanists who totally control The Worldwide Mafia. For example, Charlie & Simon know “NOTHING” about “why” The Satanists had to create the Heliocentric Theory Lie more than 500 years ago.

    Charlie & Simon, and their Half-Truther Friends, “still” believe the Earth is a Spinning Ball Racing through space, which is false. Charlie & Simon, and friends, are “still” not aware of the Firmament or Roof above us, like the Bible teaches in PSALMS 19:1., which makes ASTRONOMY a totally “fake” science. This is what people NEED to know.

    Charlie & Simon also are unaware of the “fact” that DR. STEFAN LANKA is THE SMOKING GUN in this Virus & Vaccine SCAM. He “knows” that NO VIRUS CAN MAKE ANYONE SICK, which means that NO VACCINE HAS “EVER” BEEN NECESSARY. ALL VACCINES “SHOULD” BE ABOLISHED, because they can “ONLY” Damage, Cripple & Kill.

    Probably the most destructive thing Charlie & Simon and their “ignorant” friends are doing is “ENABLING” Satanism by preaching an EXOTERIC or LITERAL BIBLE, something the Bible advises against.

    These two men and many of their friends call themselves Christians, yet NONE of them has any idea “WHAT” Jesus actually is. This is because The Satanists “totally control” Organized Christianity and have forced the EXOTERIC or LITERAL translation.

    The “only” way the Bible can be interpreted, correctly, is by interpreting it ESOTERICALLY or METAPHORICALLY. Bill Donahue of Hidden Meanings is currently the “ONLY” Preacher in America Teaching The Bible correctly or Esoterically.

    Neither Charlie nor Simon understands why God is OMNIPRESENT and what this really means for all of us. THE OMNIPRESENCE OF GOD is “THE” BIGGEST SECRET the Satanists have effectively “hidden” from most of us. SANTOS BONACCI is an EXCELLENT SOURCE of The Truth about God as well.

    For example, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, an instruction manual for the Satanists to use in enslaving a nation’s people. Here are two of their most important Protocols:

    1…”We will keep them Separated from the “oneness” by Dogma & Religion.”

    2…”We will always HIDE the Divine Truth from them, that we are all one. This, they must NEVER know.”

    Yes, because God is Omnipresent and we are all one, this means each of us consists of 100% God. This is “why” John 14:12 is true, when Jesus told us WE CAN DO EVEN GREATER WORKS THAN JESUS.

    MEDITATION & RAISING THE CHRISM are the two most important teachings of both Moses & Jesus and both of these teachings have been “REMOVED” from Organized Christianity (by The Satanists).

    Why? Because through Meditation and Raising our Chrism, we become UNIFIED WITH OUR HIGHEST MIND which is what gives us the Wisdom & Power to DO GREATER WORKS THAN JESUS.

    This is just the tip of the Iceberg, but gives you an understanding of the important information Charlie & Simon, and all of their friends, still do not know about. I am the EXORCIST. Look up my name…Bruce Winship Wright. I have made hundreds of little 60-second long videos. Check some out. I am telling the most UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS.

    THE UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS are what Simon and Charlie have failed to teach, and it’s these very TRUTHS that serve as the most effective ANTIDOTE for the Disease of Satanism, ALL OF US HAVE to one degree or another.

    Quantum Physicist Dr. John Hagelin, who got his Ph.D. in Quantum Physics from HARVARD, found that at the NANO LEVEL, everything is not only unified or connected, but everything we call “matter”, including all humans, consists of this same “stuff”, simply vibrating at various frequencies. Hagelin calls the “stuff” Pure Consciousness.

    Baruch Spinoza, Ralph Waldo Emerson, & Nikola Tesla called this “stuff” GOD. This is the BIGGEST SECRET the Satanists have worked so hard to HIDE from “YOU”.


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