2 thoughts on “Sleeping Giants, Return of Enki & Saturn Moon Crash: Roundtable Discussion”

  1. In my opinion, Dr. Michael Salla, Elena Danaan, & Alex Collier are all “SATANIC SHILLS” selling various LIES relating to the Aliens from Outer Space DECEPTION.

    According to the 1958 edition of the AMERICANA ENCYCLOPEDIA, Admiral Byrd and the NAVY discovered The Firmament or ROOF above us, as the Bible mentions in PSALMS 19:1.

    In 1962, Wernher Von Braun, the NAZI rocket scientist brought to America during Operation Paperclip, just after WW2, supervised Projects FISHBOWL & DOMINIC, both references to this DOME ABOVE US.

    Von Braun and other rocket scientists tried and tried to BREAK THROUGH this roof above us, using the most high-powered Rockets and Explosives available at the time. They found that their BEST efforts to break through this ROOF were about as damaging as a housefly, flying at top speed, smashing into the side of a RHINO. NOTHING!!!

    Wernher Von Braun confessed to Dr. Carol Rosin that NOBODY is passing through this DOME, that this structure was MASSIVE, indeed, and NOBODY could possibly pass through this MASSIVE ROOF, either coming in or going out.

    Getting back to Salla, Danaan & Collier…These three, like “NUMEROUS” others, are simply “sociopathic opportunists” making money by selling their fantasies.

    There are NO ALIENS from OUTER SPACE. There may be other “beings” living in the LANDS BEYOND THE ANTARCTIC ICE WALL. Of course, “NONE” of our world’s most powerful people are “allowed” to tell us anything about ANTARCTICA, or even the truth about this TERRARIUM we call Earth.


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