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  1. Americans are possibly the most “mentally ill” people, as a nation, the world has ever seen. With virtually all of the information known to man at our fingertips, the “majority” of Americans still absurdly “BELIEVE” the Earth to be a spinning ball racing through space.

    In reality, the Earth is some form of Irregularly shaped PLANE with a roof or firmament above it. We actually “have” copies of official U.S. Government documentation from the U.S. Air Force, the CIA, The FBI, NASA, and many other sources which clearly states:

    The Earth is a STATIONARY, IMMOVABLE, NON-ROTATING TERRARIUM of some kind. Nikola Tesla called Earth a “REALM”. Tesla knew about the Firmament and learned HOW TO bounce Energy off of this Dome for various purposes.

    This FIRMAMENT above us is allegedly MASSIVE. According to Wernher Von Braun, the Genius Nazi Rocket man, who led Project Dominic/Fishbowl in 1962, NOBODY HAS EVER PASSED THROUGH THIS MASSIVE ROOF, either leaving Earth or trying to visit Earth.

    The Firmament was found by Admiral Byrd about 75 years ago. The 1958 Edition of AMERICANA ENCYCLOPIA reports that this Firmament was found at 80° South Lattitude and 90° East Longitude, at 13,000 feet above the Earth.

    This FIRMAMENT or DOME is also reportedly ALIVE, seriously!!! Our scientists have shot rockets at this roof, bored holes into it, and performed all sorts of testing on this thing.

    No matter how this ROOF is damaged, by humans, this roof simply HEALS ITSELF, literally heals itself!!! It’s alive!!!

    The fact that this Firmament is real means that the entire field of ASTRONOMY is a “fake” science, created by the Satanists to deceive us and fleece us, and most importantly, always keep us separated from THE ONENESS, or the “fact” that GOD IS OMNIPRESENT. This fact “they” (you & me) must never know.

    We also KNOW, from the work of the great DR. STEFAN LANKA, that viruses “cannot” make anyone sick. Because this is true (see Dr. Tom Cowan), we now KNOW that every vaccine, ever created, has been an “intentional” Criminal Scam.

    All vaccines should have been abolished 104 years ago when we learned that no virus can make anyone sick. The Rockefeller funded Spanish Flu Vaccine reportedly killed 100 Million people, according to Donald Trump.

    It’s just a shame that Donald John Trump has apparently sold out to Big Pharma and has become the greatest VACCINE SALESMAN in world history. Like DAVID CAY JOHNSTON has been “screaming” about TRUMP for the past 10 years, DONALD JOHN TRUMP is a GANGSTER.

    According to David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter, who has written “three” best selling “tell-all” books about Donald Trump, Donald John Trump is a LIAR, CHEAT, and world-class Con-Man.

    David Cay Johnston is frequently asked, “Aren’t you afraid that Donald Trump will sue you for defamation?” Johnston always says, “I can prove every claim I make about Trump. That’s why he will not sue me. He knows I am telling the truth.”

    Currently, both ASTRONOMY & VIROLOGY are “fake” sciences, yet NONE of our LEADERS are telling us these PROFOUND TRUTHS. All of our PREACHERS & POLITICIANS are currently “ENABLING” Satanism.

    The American people are the most severely Dumbed Down and Horribly Uninformed people in World History. Our people simply need to CONFRONT our Satanic Leaders (and “ALL” of them are Satanic) with the TRUTH ABOUT ASTRONOMY & VIROLOGY.

    Start Raising Hell with these LIARS & CHEATS like Donald John Trump and the rest of our Satanic PREACHERS & POLITICIANS.


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