One thought on “TikTok Security Scare as Another State Steps In!”

  1. TIK TOK banned me “forever” about 2 years ago because I made a 60-second long video about Vaccinations being the most Barbaric and Destructive WEAPON ever used against innocent people. And, I was talking about “ALL” Vaccines, not just this Covid-19 Poison.

    I got more than 60,000 views in “one” HOUR!!! I was so “shocked” at such a Gigantic number, that I tried to share it with my two adult children. That’s when TIK TOK banned me “permanently”, without an explanation, other than “Community Guideline Violation”??? Please.

    In that I had been getting just a “few” views on virtually every other video I made, I was so “amazed” by the large number of views, 60,000 in just 60 minutes.

    Then, I learned about “SHADOW-BANNING”. All of the various platforms like You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, TIK TOK, etc. have ALGORITHMS which can literally “HIDE” content like mine. Instead of banning people like me, who would destroy these scumbags in any debate, they just “HIDE” me.

    These Godless Satanists, controlling these PLATFORMS, don’t want to censor me outright because this could lead to the possibility of having to explain themselves, which they cannot.

    THE BIG STORY, RIGHT NOW, that “NOBODY” is covering is the Russell-Jay: Gould story. You see, Russell-Jay: Gould can prove that Donald John Trump has committed TREASON for “intentionally” PREVENTING Russell from doing his Constitutionally authorized jobs, which are:

    1. Russell is “our” legitimate Postmaster General

    2. Russell is “our” legitimate Commander-In-Chief as well.

    Since the “corporate” United States of America went Bankrupt in 1999, every President, since then, has been a Satanic Scam, which includes George W. Bush, Barack Obama & Donald Trump. All three of these men have committed TREASON.

    Donald John Trump also appears to be committing even more TREASON by promoting Poisonous Vaccines. One can only wonder how much “money” Trump made, UNDER THE TABLE, for his role in this Vaccine Horror Show?

    Trump has been told, repeatedly, to tell the TRUTH that Dr. Stefan Lanka is telling, which is that NO VIRUS CAN MAKE ANYONE SICK. Lanka, a long time Virologist, denounce the entire field of Virology as FAKE SCIENCE, created by The Satanists to sell “man-made” vaccines and Man-Made Drugs.

    We have known, since 1918, 105 years ago, that Viruses cannot make anyone sick. See the work of Dr. Tom Cowan. The Spanish Flu VACCINE reportedly killed 100 MILLION innocent people. Remember, NO VIRUS CAN MAKE ANYONE SICK!!!

    We now “KNOW”, without question, that “every” Vaccine, “ever” created, has been an “intentional” criminal scam.

    We also know that VACCINES can only DAMAGE, CRIPPLE & KILL. No vaccine has ever produced “any” positive health benefits. Vaccines can only damage, cripple & kill.

    The “only” reason they are still legal is because “our” PREACHERS & POLITICIANS have “all” been BOUGHT & PAID FOR. They all need to go, including TRUMP.


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