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How to stop windows 10 updating on limited data plans

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Daily Rabbit Hole #101 | CNN ambushes old woman, regarding Russian “Internet trolls”

CNN ambushes old woman, regarding the fact that she had posts to her Facebook group by alleged “Russia Trolls”

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Daily Rabbit Hole #110 | Assange: Facebook & Google preying on people’s biases

In a recent twitter post, Julian Assange stated: “Re-enforcing audience bias is exactly what Facebook & Google have been doing at a vast scale by algorithmically preying on people’s existing biases to increase engagement. In a more traditional manner, FOX, MSNBC, CNN, NYTimes, WaPO etc, are doing the same thing.”

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Daily Rabbit Hole #108 | Scientists create a new form of light

It seems that light sabers might not remain science fiction forever. In a groundbreaking study, a team of researchers from MIT and Harvard created a new form of light that could be used to build light crystals someday in the future.

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Daily Rabbit Hole #107 / ‘13 Russian “specialists”‘ / Japanese artwork / 6-inch long centipede

Shortly after the unveiling of the Mueller indictment against 13 Russian “specialists” and 3 Russian entities accused of hacking the US elections, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein held a brief news conference to summarize the findings.

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