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Ron Head: Another Look at Oneness — The Event Chronicle

by on DECEMBER 13, 2016

The Council

Once again we return to one of our favorite topics. And once again it is because when we do this you are able to see it with new eyes. Your understanding is growing day by day.

First let us take a little journey outward. Let us see the Oneness as what we call The All That Is. As we look outward, we imagine that we can see in all directions as far as the most powerful telescopes that you have invented can see. Still. We know, do we not, that even this vastness is only a very limited extent of what truly is? And yet, even this not only boggles your minds, but boggles your computers.

Now we will imagine that we pick, at random, a small area of this vastness in order to study its make-up. Look around and pick such an area. Is it part of your chair? Part of the floor? The wall? Your hand? The moon? Let’s zoom in on the area. If what you are looking at is organic, you will begin to see cells first. At a greater magnification, you will see molecules, then atoms, then particles, then energy. This is what your scientists have discovered. And over the last hundred years or so, it has filtered down into what you call common knowledge.


Here we are, sitting in this perspective of seeing this little area we picked as a vast sea, or field, of energy. We can no more see the extent of it than we could see the extent of the universe before. But we can understand a few things about it. We can understand that if we could reach the boundary of the area we picked out and immersed ourselves in, we could not distinguish it from what was beyond that boundary. You cannot tell, from here, what is you and what is chair. We can also say that it matters not what tiny area of the vast universe we had picked, it would appear no different. Chair, hand, tree, moon, star, ‘emptiness’, all would appear the same at this perspective. It is a field of energy and potentials. Do you see?

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